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Offline Business without Online Presence is Suicide

Blog Author: Susan Boston

Terri Pattio's Blog (62)

Twitter Marketing - Become a Twitter Pro and Make Money Online!

Twitter Marketing – The Right Way!

Some reasons you should be using my TP Twitter Strategy to grow your network of Twitter followers daily.



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Experience Is The Teacher Of All Things ~Julius Caesar

Experience is the teacher of all things. ~ Julius Caesar

Experience is: 

Learning from your past mistakes.

Experience is:

Knowing it's time for a change.

Experience is:

Not forgetting what you've learned from your…


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I Survived Hurricane Harvey and I Thank God For It.

I survived Hurricane Harvey and moving forward in a positive direction. I am relocated to another city (still in Texas)

to make an impact in people's life.

It is what it is and I know that it's a blessing for me because God works things out for the good because he is an 

awesome and loving God.



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Congratulations Andre Feldman on being the featured member today on #IBOtoolbox

Saturday, August 5, 2017 

IBOtoolbox Featured Member of the day. 

Andre Feldman

Go IBO spirit on Syndication Express

Click here to view his new press release.…


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MLM Training - Personal Development Is A Must!

MLM Training - Personal Development Is A Must!

Work on you more than you work on your business.

Great words to live by for business owners. The words above came from one of my mentors.

When I first got started online, I wasn't the person I am today.…


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Bitcoin vs. Reward Points - No More Bitcoin?

This is a great article written by my friend Mary. I had to share it in the Syndication Express community. Please leave your comments below and share on your favorite social site. 

Bitcoin vs. Reward Points - No More Bitcoin?

Written by Mary Mirembe…


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SEO - More Changes To Google's Algorithm.

“The sky is falling!” screamed Chicken Little. Except it isn’t just one Chicken Little but a massive mob of them, all declaring that SEO is dead.

Google has figured it all out.

Google has pushed out too many changes.

Google has shut down link building.

Google has killed SEO.

You can choose to believe it if you want. But you aren’t imagining it if you think you can hear the sound of quiet…


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Blog Content Syndication to All Major Social Sites

Blog Content Syndication To All Major Social Sites At Syndication Express

This is great news for the many, many people online that love blogging. Syndication Express is a blog syndication network. I started this platform for bloggers and article writers to get massive syndication to give your blog content exposure, social signals and one way backlinks for SEO purposes that will send you free…


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7 Money Saving Tricks To Preserve Your Diary Products.

I was reading an article by Dylan Hacker that he posted in my group on Facebook. I found it beneficial and informative, so I decided to share it here in my blog post today.

There are many ways to preserve dairy products, some might even surprise you. Check out…


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MLM Training - It's Your Life; Live It Right, Not In Strife!

MLM Training  – It’s Your Life; Live It Right, Not In Strife!

Let’s get this straight right now. Strife is destructive and can lead to frustration and make you want to throw in the towel. In one word, you want to call it quits. Striving is constructive especially if you are working to build your network marketing business. I am talking about strife in this post.

If you are thinking about quitting your network marketing…


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Ebook Downloads - Two For The Price Of One!

Today is your LUCKY DAY! I am going to give you the opportunity to score big time. The following offer is for business owners and it will benefit you greatly. Your success is in your hands. You need what I have for you.

This is the key to success online. For the next 24 hours I am going to make available to you the two ebooks below that is a must to read.

Two ebooks for the price of one. That's right you can get both…


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SEO Tips - How To Get Your Blog Post Indexed and Ranked Number One On Google Quickly

SEO Tips - How To Get Your Blog Post Indexed and Ranked Number One On Google Quickly

Today I will tell you about IBOtoolbox, it is a very different from other social media platforms. I say this from experience since I have been a member since May 2011. It is a site for independent business owners and one of the things it offers it’s members is a variety of tools that will help you build your business and brand your name online.


I will tell you how to…


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Facebook - More Changes Are Coming To News Feed in 2015

Today as I was reading an article that was pertaining to changes on Facebook. I know that Facebook is constantly making changes to their social platform daily.

The first thing in the article that jumped out at me is:

1. Facebook will begin monitoring and reducing the appearance of overly promotional posts from pages, beginning January 2015.

Now why do you think they are doing this? What does it mean for users on Facebook?

Here's what it means:

1. Posts that…


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Encouraging Others When You're Down

I was so impressed with this post I read today in one of groups on Facebook. I had to share it here.

This post is written by Tamala Baldwin

As I sit on the bed to write this soul kiss I find myself smiling and I can’t control it.  I am smiling because writing these love letters to YOU truly make me feel so warm and fuzzy on the…


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Halloween - Fright Night

About a month ago while chatting with a long time friend, during our conversation I learned they had started writing poems. I said "That's awesome."

They asked me if I wanted to hear what they had written. I said "Sure."

After listening to their poem, I said to them "I didn't know you liked to write. Your poem is really good"

They said "I couldn't write much because I never had time because I was working so much."

I told her about my Syndication Express site and…


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Internet Network Marketing - Know Math Or NO Money!

Internet and Network Marketing - Know Math or NO Money!

What a profound statement and I will tell you why I am writing this post.

Many times I see people get online and join a business opportunity and never, ever crunch the numbers of their companies pay plan. They don't…


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Viral Video Marketing - The Benefits Of Using Video Marketing

On Saturday July 12 , 2014 I gave away 12 copies of my latest e-book titled…


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Internet Marketing - Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more.

I was doing my usual reading today and came across an article which I feel will help internet marketers and business owners get more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin.

The information it contains are the exact things I do each day. It works and I recommend you take heed and follow it exactly.

Read article here ==>…


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Facebook - Is A Social Networking Website With Huge Benefits. What Are They? Keep Reading

Today I will be talking about Facebook and the huge benefits you can get when you use it the right way.

This is one thing I want to make clear, Facebook is a social networking website first. The reason why I say this is because it is a site where you can connect with people all over the world and keep in contact with your loved ones and friends.

I believe this is what Mark Zuckerberg intentions was in the beginning. As time passed and he saw how great it was going to…


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