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Are You Willing To Do This To Succeed?

Are you willing to do, what average people on this planet aren’t willing to do, to live a lifestyle of pure joy?

Ask yourself that question.

If your answer is a firm anything & everything…

Then you just planted one foot on the pathway of success.


Just Do It

Are you willing to sacrifice, what average people aren’t willing to sacrifice now, to play forever later?

Money, play, games, weekends etc…


Then take another step on the pathway of success.

Are you willing to learn the wisdom, that average people aren’t willing to sit down and learn?

Long, dedicated hours, investing time into upgrading your mind, so you become and sound like a genius to others?


Then start walking on that pathway of success.

Are you willing to invest in the best of tools and trainings, no matter what the cost, because you know the end result is freedom?


Then start jogging a little bit on that pathway of success.

How Bad Do You Really Want It

Are you willing to not only learn, and invest, but then shut off all distractions in your life, even people sometimes that will hold you back?

Then pick up the pace to a fast jog on the pathway of success.

Are you ready to take relentless action, going fast and hard, on what you’ve learned so far through the process?


Then start sprinting a little bit on the pathway of success.

Are you willing to now take that relentless action… daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, to get everything in life you’ve always wanted?

Then start cruising fast, with endurance, on that pathway of success.

Now my friends, you are starting to lead the pack, people are wondering who you are, they want to know what you have inside of you, that is pushing you so hard.

They hear of your wisdom and guidance you are giving others that is changing peoples lives…

So naturally people run up to you on that pathway of success, they don’t have the endurance to keep up with you yet, but they manage to ask,

“How did you do it!?”

You quickly tell them, they get started, and they either push hard to do what you did, or they drop right off and you leave them in the dust.

You aren’t average anymore…
So if people want to be average…
You have to immediately move on…

It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just because you know if they hold you back, it will hold back the many lives that are willing to change!

So only about 3 out of those 10 people are going to catch your vision, and say,

“OK I got this, I will follow exactly what you did, I will fight for the endurance, and I will be right back up here with you leading the pack.”


These are the people you are looking for…

The people who see your vision and run with you on the pathway of success, will be your best friends for life, your side kicks, your brothers and sisters, and you will literally Love them as much as you love your family, because they have the exact same vision you have.

They have the success vision.

You literally feel like you were cut from the same mold.

Your spirit is on fire to help others, you are ready to use your gifts, you are tired of being mediocre.

People that want to stay on the pathway of success are among the coolest people on the planet.

They are visionaries.

They won’t run with you and talk about all the negative bull crap that is going on around this planet, and bring you down…


They will constantly be thinking about how they can excel and impact others lives with you.

Your conversations will be of value, and you will literally light up everyone around you who gets in contact with you!


So as your “crushing it” on the pathway of success, your endurance stays strong, you are running with a huge smile on your face, you never get tired, because it’s impossible to get tired of changing people’s lives and growing together.

Joy is always present, even through your struggles, because of this!

And here is what you have to understand through the struggles…

Putting your foot on the pathway of success, is unfortunately something, not many people are going to get to experience in their life, because they were never introduced to the possibility in the first place.

So make a dent in that path!

Be so loud WITH YOUR ACTIONS that people have to see and hear what you are doing.


We can guide people on the pathway of success, or we can just show, and they will either run with us, or become average and fall to the back of the pack.

There is no backpacking people to the pathway of success, because they have to want it!

If you backpack them in the beginning, they will never be able to make it on their own.

Be the example…

Be the example of the leader who has endurance, drive & determination.

Never stop.

And people will follow you on that path like you wouldn’t believe.

Ultimately your income will increase and your lifestyle will become everything you have ever dreamed of.


Kathryn Ali

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Comment by Nichola James on April 18, 2014 at 6:21pm

Kathryn, thanks for sharing this valuable content with us! Indeed, you have to put in daily effort, give value and be consistent to succeed. L&S

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