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No matter what you want in life you are going nowhere until you get started. Think back if you can to when you were a child. You didn't learn to crawl without accidents. How many times did you fall as you were learning to walk? When it came time to ride your first bicycle how many skinned knees did you have? In each case did you succeed? It seems we know what we want as a child and lose it as we age.

Personal thoughts

I know I spent 38 years walking, although it was a few years, I went from riding a bicycle to riding a motor cycle. Each new goal we master leads to another harder goal.

How this relates to business

Why should it be different in business? Small goals are what it takes to reach the larger goal. One way to look it life is; what do you want people saying about you at your funeral. Go to the end and set your long term goals from there. This should include what you want to be remembered for in regards to others.

Success and failure

Every success and every failure teach us something. We are all human and are going to make mistakes. My business is no different. No one learns in a vacuum. It is those who take the time to let another know what is going to work who make the difference.

What does it take?

I don’t remember my own first steps, many times though I do the first steps of others. In my case the last was a few months ago.  There is no doubt this child would have learned to walk without my help. Holding my hands and trying to walk away from the wheelchair was her chosen method. This I never denied her.


Did this take time from my business? Yes, in the end though my choice was to be remembered as the one who gave the time. Nothing was more important to me at that moment. In her little mind it was no different. She was given what she needed. Someone to make her feel what she was doing was important.


Was I able to return to work and concentrate on what had to be done? Yes, the time I spent with this child in the end made a difference to her however no real difference to the business. My business is still here and I am still earning.

Each new goal achieved is branding

As a child; as we learn something new a new name is given. First we are a baby, then a toddler, child, and so on. In business the same applies. Each accomplishment is noticed by others, this is your branding until you become an expert in your field.

Long term VS short term goals

Your long term goals should never change. Short and medium goals can. If what you are doing to achieve your long term goal isn’t working make changes in your short term goals.


Every program we joined when we first started our business is still part of our plan. Each had value which is why we joined in the first place. Those are now handled by others who are motivated to earn from and share them. Tools on the other hand we pass on to those who can use them.

Program jumping

It is way too easy to be caught up in program jumping. If you do your research before joining a program work it. Don’t jump to another thinking the grass is greener. Each jump reduces your chances of success.  

In the end

What matters is taking the first steps. If you don’t know how to research a company you are interested in, ask someone. Not someone in the company, someone who can give an honest opinion. Chances are you are going to have a sponsor, talk to them before you join under them. Personal relationships are going to be important. If you don’t know or like your sponsor it changes to a situation you don’t want. Success is possible only if you find yourself willing to take the first steps. 

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Comment by Nichola James on July 14, 2014 at 11:28pm

Dennis, thanks for sharing this great post about business branding with us. L&S.

Comment by Nichola James on March 23, 2014 at 8:41pm

Dennis, thanks for sharing this valuable information about first steps in business branding! L&S

Comment by Dennis Thorgesen on March 1, 2013 at 2:36pm

Thanks Merle, Ann, and Terri. The email notification system isn't working correctly. I dislike cliches however if you don't use Know, like, trust people really don't understand what internet marketing is all about. You can't make everyone happy, so you have to pick and choose. This is going to mean saying no, and meaning it. 

Terri I quite often have people living in my home. It is part and parcel of my social cause. There are some with whom I have had to learn tolerance.  Generally in time a working relationship is formed. There have been very few with whom this isn't possible. Those we place elsewhere. 

Comment by Terri Pattio on March 1, 2013 at 9:17am

Getting to know, like and trust people is key in business. If you can't be on a two week vacation with someone, you surely don't want to be in business with that person either. Great post Dennis, sharing for more to see.

Comment by Merle Gibbins on February 9, 2013 at 1:13pm

I get it all the time Dennis and some just don't want to take NO for an answer.  I have enough to do with what I am in at the moment and don't have the time.  I tell them this but then they say just take a look I am sure you will want this.  Been there, done it and got the tee shirt !!

Comment by Dennis Thorgesen on February 9, 2013 at 12:58pm

Thanks Merle. I am always having people try to sign me up to new programs. I as graciously as possible decline. Two of the programs we belonged to are no longer on the internet. Most of the others are tools we use in one way or another. Everything we joined we did research on, on these two it seems we missed something. Our primary business is branding/marketing for others. There is no residual income from it. 

Comment by Merle Gibbins on February 9, 2013 at 9:50am

Great post Dennis, I think a lot of us are guilty of programme jumping.  I tried many in the past and got bitten.  Also if we don't make mistakes we never learn.  Thanks for sharing this great read.

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