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This feature is no longer available for Syndication Express members. 

However you can still advertise using your 468x60 banners and they will be shown at the top for members and non-members to see when they visit the site.

I'm sure you'll notice the advertisement that will pop up when you leave the site. All SE members and non-members will be seeing the popup. This is called an exit popup, it will only show when members/non-members is leaving the site.

Your advertisement will get lots of exposure by SE members and non-members. 

I added this new feature for Syndication Express members to promote/advertise their primary business.

This is still a blogging and syndication platform for bloggers and article writers.

This is just a little something extra for those members that want to use the SE blogging platform to advertise their primary business. 

LOW cost Advertising for Syndication Express members. 

I'm very excited about this new feature. I hope you can see the benefit of this new feature for SE members. 

How it works:

You can purchase the popup advertising on the Syndication Express site for 1 or 3 days. In order to make this fair and give all members a chance to use this new feature.

Example: You purchase 3 days of advertising this week. Next week you can purchase another 3 days of advertising. 

All SE members can purchase up to 3 days of advertising. 

This is to give everyone a chance to use the popup advertising feature. 

$2.00 / day 

Example: $2.00 x 3 days for $6.00.

This is in test mode so we can all see how it goes before I make future plans for it. Your feedback/testimony is appreciated and helpful to make it better. 

Have a great day and much success. 

Terri Pattio

Founder and Admin of Syndication Express

Twitter Strategist

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    This is to inform SE members this feature is not available anymore. 

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