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    Our poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are choices that we have made, often unintentionally. We can make changes but diet and exercise alone do not work long-term. Most weight loss is short-term and not only robs us of our money but makes our mind (our brain) think of weight loss as short-term. To make matters worse, our bodies are designed to gain weight, but not lose it. Exercise, BTW, is not nearly as big a factor for losing weight as it seems. It is, however, a huge proven factor for helping us to live longer and to stay healthier and happier.
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    At 83 this is my go-to system for regaining & maintaining my good health... My fitness needs to improve also... It begins with re-education, an improved mindset & then a commitment to keep an open mind to learning & improving in all aspects of that commitment... I've discovered the first step is to improve one's nutrition... I've learned no matter the importance of that in our fitness plan, very little about nutrition is taught in today's medical training... We need to completely open that door & accept this as a necessary challenge instead of promoting supplements that do very little for us except to just drain our wallets... It seems to me that's the only place where the weight is successfully lost... We need to be proactive & be responsible for our healthcare... Updates will be posted here when more is learned about our resources as our education improves...
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      I'm all in on maintaining a heathy lifestyle by exercising and eating nutritious foods that will ensure I'm getting all the proper nutrients and vitamins for optimal health. Thank you for creating this group and I look forward to seeing the information you share here.
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