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Today, as I drove home from work. A thought entered my mind. Emotional eating. I said, I have done this many times. Overwhelmed feelings, and stress can contribute to emotional eating. There are some who state, it does matter what I'm doing I will eat emotionally. It is not the best choice. We grab unhealthy foods that comfort us. Comfort foods like cookies, chips, and candy. These empty calories, may satisfy us for the moment, but it brings such guilt afterwards. I've decided to change my thinking, and identify my triggers. 

What I found, will amaze you. When I become stressed with work, and or home, I grabbed bread, sweets and what every I had in the  pantry. Since I  have started Plexus Slim, this bad habit has reduced. I decided to cut up carrots, apples, tomatoes, and other vegetables to assist me when I'm triggered to eat emotionally. Food items like nuts, berries, and proteins are amazing. The exciting thing, I have learned to cook differently. My menu, for me and my family included, healthier recipes. I have been in the medical field for over 40 years. I have a knowledge base for healthy life styles. However, I chose not to implement, or apply my knowledge. How silly??

Healthy life styles will help prolong your life. Its never to late to start. One day at a time, small changes will make a difference. One of my customers stated, "Since I've started Plexus Slim, I find myself with less cravings, my energy is up and I'm walking. Plexus has motivated me to start excising and I feel better." (DL, RN.) The medical field is holding each of us accountable for our health. It begins with you. Take a look at what needs to be changed in your life and start your healthy journey today. Whether its smoking, overeating, drinking or taking pills for sleep and to wake you up. Its time to make a decision to change.

Plexus Slim has helped my healthy life style. And, I would love to share it with you.

Click the link and begin your healthy journey today.

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Why our bodies are weak

Hi RN Carolyn Coleman-Grady,

Our bodies feel weak and tired. There are many reasons, some medical. and others related to poor nutritional intake, lack of water and limited activities.

This short video Talks about Iron and Minerals deficiencies. This is essential to the body. Iron deficiencies keep you weak, tired  and some people loose their hair. It is important that you speak with your Physicians for supplements. Foods high in Iron are imported as well. This year is the season of healthy beginnings. 

I recommend you start by getting your annual physical, which includes lab test that will reveal low Iron and Low chemistry. Lets get healthy together. We need increased energy and less fatigue. It is time to get America healthy and it should begin with each of us.

I decided it was our families healthy season. In order to become healthier the mind must be changed. I believe you have to see images of health, and increase your knowledge on healthier ways of living. In my nursing journey I have seen illness affect people at younger age. Young adults are dealing with Hypertension, and Diabetes and heart disease. Not good. 

So in order for my family to become healthy I had to change my pattern of thinking. I have become active, walking and even a little jogging. I am moving my body and changed my sedentary life style. Healthy beginnings is important to me and I hope important to you too. 

Check out my website and begin your healthy road today

Plexus Slim

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Healthy Season To Fat to Fly

Well, I'm one who is to fat to fly. So I decided to look into a product that would help me become healthier than I am. After my review of many weight loss products. My sisters and I decided to Join Plexus Slim. It is what we needed. Plexus Slim, is a program that won't not make you feel, that every place you go, eating becomes a challenge. Plexus what is this? Plexus slim is a drink that is poured into 16 to 20 ounces of water. Once you dilute for powder you are good to go. The drink taste just like kool-aide. It is all natural products full of energy. 

Many of our issues with weight loss products is restriction. But, this company claims you can continue with what you are doing no exercise, nothing. This was the plan for me. However, I have started an exercise program and even hired a personal training. For me, it is the season for health mental and physical. I wanted to share this program with others who are struggling with their weight. Who better to share than someone like me in the struggle. My sisters and I have just started one month in and we have lost 26 pounds between us.

We found this product so great that our families are now participating it is the season of healthy thinking. Now, this may not be for you, but if you know your body is not healthy and the doctor has been speaking to you on issues that affect your health, then at least look for yourself. After your review if its not the weight loss program you need than find one that is and start. I shared Plexus Slim with my Director of Physical Therapy she reviewed the products and started right away. Don't let your old past diets and failures prevent you from taking a look. I have to tell you there is no way I would promote this product if I did not try it for myself. I'm so excited and glad I did.


My sister and I have a friend that works at Joe's Crab Shack in Ventura, California she was very heavy when we went back to the restaurant she was very small down to a size 6. We were excited for her and shocked. So of course my sister and I had to take a look. We fell in love right away. Just a tip we partnered with others she knows that are using the product and decided to become one of the Ambassadors. Today's decisions are tomorrows realities.

P.S. Click the link below

Have a Healthy week

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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the Futle Mind

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Futile Mind

The Futile Mind
In the back of a dark crowded room lies the thought of a man. Pondering day and night in an attempt to disgusting truth  in its rarest form. Thinking its an old concept and yet many have not adapted to the process of thinking, perhaps the root is futile thinking. Lets explore the intricacies of thought processes. The purpose of this exploration, is to identify ones own thoughts and to determine how buzzard our own thinking can become. 
The bell rings every morning before the start of mans shift, he'd prepare each day but could not enter the work doors on time. His boss met with him to discuss the issue and his response was the work clock is faster than his own watch. The problem  is in the mans thinking. He believes the boss should change the time and set to meet and accommodate his thinking. How would you handle this issue? What thought process will you implement?  Believe it are not, many of us want others to adapt to our futile way of thinking, and really we need a reality check. 
Futile thinking produces nothing. 
Here's a clique used by many: Practice makes perfect. The question becomes if a fruitless, ineffective, non-producing mind practices the same way each day, will he be effective? What are your thoughts? Remember a futile mind is incapable of producing useful results. It take exercising your brain. Deliberate thinking. Our society has become dependent thinkers. Many of us want the thoughts of others. Technology, affords us immediate results. This is good but, for sluggish thinkers, it's a disaster. 
A man sets up camp in an area infested with red ants. Prior to his arrival he learned the area in which he would travel became  blocked with logs from trees. The man gets out of his 4 wheel drive, hooked a chain to the front of his car, and the log, in his attempts to back up his front end tore off. He asked himself why the front end became damage. But, the truth of the matter is his futile attempt to move logs from a fallen tree was ineffective from the beginning. Much of our problems lie in our thinking and perception. We must understand that our perception is our reality. 
The reality is, futile thinking produces nothing. 
To reduce futile thinking, the road maps of our mind must change. 
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The safe course

Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.

I was wondering how does one have faith in themselves. With daily failures and questions about the future, it seems impossible to believe in oneself. Well, that's the clique many would hope as a people we believe. Let us take it a little deeper. Faith, what does this really mean? Faith strong believe in someone or something

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Trimming the fat

Brave, having the courage to face danger, difficulties, and pain. To examine courage, one would need to define what is courage, how does courage look, and how to apply courage. Sounds easy but, often challenging. A woman stayed in her dark room for months. She would speak to herself and imagine someone was there. For days without light her room darken. No one could understand the cause of her dark hours, only she knew it's cause. For 6 months darkness governed the doorways of her mind. In the six month she asked to go outside. Suddenly a break through. Imagine sitting at the foot of one's bed in darkness. The darkness of one's mind. What a joy when a sudden glimpse of hope arrives. It thanks courage.


How many of us have experienced difficulties in our lives? It is amazing how the storms of life toss people to and fro.

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Trimming Down the Fat

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Whimpering in the night

A cry of distress, whimpering silently in the night. Who will come to your rescue.

Imagine a cry in the night, restless tossing, sleep deprivation. One would say, not me but, so often it is you. We worry and replay the old song in our overloaded brains if only I . Think about this for a moment. What comes to mind? It's a question only you can answer. Human nature includes putting up protective walls and then camouflage the surface. Here's the problem, the periphery of our minds spill over the walls built thus creating fragmented rocks which block our thinking.

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Wimpering in the night

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A Room With Out A Roof

How would you feel if the room you built roof blew of


Hey, the roof over your room just blew off! Anxious and frustrated? Rightfully so. There are many unplanned events in our lives that blow the roof off our plans and sometimes it effect our lives. Last year I developed a vision problem, my left eye was very swollen and it affected my activities such As writing, reading and driving. Functions that I enjoy doing. It became the center of my frustration and I became less focus on my business and work. I could not imagine what created this stumbling block. After all my smile and eyes are my signature, at least I believed. Never the less, for several months this disruption created havoc in my life. 

Life can throw fake snowballs in our path and suddenly stone blocks build and surround our plans and goals. The question becomes, how do we rebuild the roof over exposed room? Well, you need tools, and supplies. Tools include physical and mental strength. Having the strength  to know you are not alone, reflective time to reevaluate your goals, learn to develop a positive outlook, and know that your circumstances do not direct your life. Do you know that some people hold fast to frustration and find it difficult to function any other way? I sure know a few. 

Putting things back together may not be easy, but it sure beats holding hands with pity or dancing around with sorrow. When it is all said and done we decide which junction we take. Fix your roof today, just bring your tool bag and prepare to build something spectacular.

I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Knowing who you are- Confidence

Who are you? What are you made of? Where are you going?

For some of us these question, are difficult to face. Not knowing who you are, what you are made of and where you are going discredits life directions. It has been said, "Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan.” I believe when you know who you are, where you are going and what you are made of contributes and directs success.

A man sits on the side of the road gathering rocks in a bag, he gathered them every day same time and place. An old man walked by and asks him, sir why do you gather these rocks every day? The man looks up and said, because I am building my future. The man walked away scratching his head. The next morning the same man walked by and said, sir why do you gather these rocks every day? The man gathering the rock said to build my future and expand my territory? The man asked him but you are here on the street. He said, if I am on the street look behind you all that land with those rocks belongs to me. I have gathered these rocks all my life these rocks are the cornerstone of my foundation. The rocks represent all the knowledge I have received over the years from successful people. Because of their information I have built a solid foundation. My journey has been long, but in the curvatures of each rock lays a wealth of confidence. What I have learned, gathering is a process, and it takes patience, commitment and loyalty.

Look, see who you are.
I believe calling those unseen things as though they are. A business man told me today what you are doing is already in existence it has not manifested yet. Move into the next phase of your dream and allow the first phase to become reality. Have patience and believe in what you are doing. I remember when I applied for nursing school some 30 years ago I was told by one of the instructors; you will never be a nurse perhaps a secretary. I have been a nurse for over 30 years. A well know pastor said to me, you have to know that you know that you know. It is important to know in your heart and mind that what you are providing is a service that will improve the lives of others. Know who you are, where you are going and what you are made of.

Thanks for stopping by
Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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I dropped into the world of business. I had no clue how to begin. Much of the language used in business was new to my ears, after all my background is nursing. My ability to navigate through business strategies and build a strong network needed a little work.

Over time I began to meet, network and learn from other.I opened my mind to the opportunities of business and began embracing a new way of thinking. Sometimes, many of us have a closed mind. What I have found, is closed minded people hinder their business progression.

How to survive in a foreign country like business
1. Choose businesses with clear goals
2. Develop on-line relationships
3. Know that many businesses require a small investment
4. Learn how to network with other
5. Build on-line relationships

There are many ways to develop a thriving business. These are a few techniques I have implemented to improve my business. Remember the key is surviving the game. For example: On a snow trip you would take warm clothing, snow chains, first aid kit and safety rules. It is equally important for every business person to understand the rules of business. Another example for surviving in a foreign country is spamming. Spamming will create a huge snow blizzard. Business owners do not like or engage in this type of behavior.

Business is exciting and wonderful. There is much to learn. I hope these basic survival tools help you. I encourage you to join the MLM training sessions offered by Terri Pattio.

Thanks for stopping by: I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady a women on a mission.

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Obstacles to success and overcoming them

Three Obstacles to Success and How to Overcome Them

If you are trying to succeed in an online business, but are finding
the road full of obstacles and failure, you need to identify what
these obstacles are and whether or not you are on the right track.

Here are the three of the top reasons people fail in online

1. You Can't Succeed in Business Unless You Are in the Right Market.
This may seem like a "no-brainer", but we see people every day who
are plunking down a lot more than pocket change to pursue businesses
that are doomed from day one.

To create a substantial, long term income in business it is
essential to identify a "hot" or emerging market and then develop
a strategy to get your piece of it. Which is the subject of point

2. You Can't Succeed in Business Without a Strategy Based on Good
Information. But the fact is most people either don't take the time
or the intitiative to put together an effective plan of action for
their businesses. Or worse yet, they have the plan, but not the cash
they need to develop it.

3. Most people starting out in business are underfunded. Let's be
honest -- the main reason everybody wants to start a home business
is to make money. And the main reason they want to make money is
that they don't have enough money. Sounds like a hurdle that can't
be jumped, huh? Well it isn't.

We know because we have been there. And we know that the component
that most business opportunities leave out of the equation is this:
There has to be a way to make some profit from the business quickly.
Because the vast majority of aspiring business owners don't have
the luxury of waiting a year or two or even six months to get the
cash they need to support and expand their efforts.

At BetterWebBuilder, we have addressed these issues and have found a
way for everybody to get started. We have the right market, the right
information AND a way to earn money quickly, WITHOUT breaking the bank.

If you would like to find out more, just visit:

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Following Business Trends-

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Better Web Builder

December 5, 2012

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life- think of it, dream of it, live on that idea, let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. Swami Vivekananda

People want innovative ideas that will change the course and direction of their lives. Personal ideas often lie dormant. What if you pulled the idea off the shelf and recycled it what would happen if you took the chance. (Ponder for a moment). Stretch the imagination with every fiber in your being until the idea burst streams of innovative methods to build your definition of success.

Hey visionary wake up and claim your spot today. Here are five ways to get started:

  • Strengthen your imagination
  • Follow business trends
  • Get educated on the products and services you are interested in marketing
  • Spread the word internet, word of mouth, blogs and business platforms.
  • Know your targeted population

Strengthen your imagination

A friend I know decided 13 years ago to start a home care agency the idea tugged and tugged at her until she launched an investigation on how to get started. She looked at the target populations that needed services in the home, sought the services of experts in the field of home care that contributed to expanding her knowledge and then the home work began.  One of the questions she asked herself included: Is this venture lucrative worth it and rewarding, and will I be happy with the outcomes. I believe these are important questions to ask when starting your own business. Often time we become caught up in what I call “Fake imagination” not doing or due diligence prior to beginning a business. Imagination is good but it must be coupled with realistic goals.

Following business trends

Janice Dickinson quotes “follow sound business trends, not fashion trends.” Business trends change too perhaps not as quickly as fashion trends but businesses must follow both advertising and technology changes are risk doom. For example remember the news-paper every Sunday morning in your robe you’d go to the front door grab the paper a cup of coffee and flip from cover to cover reading from world news to advertisement the famous sports section and even the obituary section. Gone are the days here is a news flash: “Daily news reports gone viral on the internet.” Wow, how technology has changed even at the demise of what many of us loved at one time or another.

The Televisions you all have seen the commercials on U-verse long gone are the days of large bulky televisions flat screens everywhere and you can move the television anywhere in the house even outside. What happen to the inventors of bulky televisions? Well, if they don’t catch the vision and learn to either develop new televisions, and repair them doom knocks on their door. Moving forward with technology is an important idea.

Educating yourself, spreading the word and learning how to advertise will bring your business forward and create a successful outcome.  Starting your own business is challenging and financial rewards may come at a slower pace, but with diligence, persistence and fun your business will flourish. Be encouraged today and place those ideas on the table look at them and begin building your empire wishing you much success.

Hey, I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady my personal challenge is staying innovative and open to new opportunities how about you.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, BSN, PHN

Patients are often overwhelmed with medical treatment and services. When patients become overwhelmed with health care decisions nurses will help and advocate for patients and their families. Nurses are challenged daily to meet the needs of many but they remain loyal and provide extraordinary care including education on sensitive subjects related to end-of-life issues and stem cell research. What is extraordinary about nurses is their ability to instill hope in patients experiencing difficult decisions. Nurses have learn how to separate their individual beliefs, customs, and traditions because of the nursing oath which states we support and protect patients from all harm.

How does a nurse embrace the decisions made by patients and still maintain their own beliefs. We stand for patients because it is the ethical and right thing to do. Patient with chronic disabilities like neurological disabilities, spinal cord injuries type two diabetes just to name a few who's desire a better quality of life need to understand their health care options. Nurses are instrumental through the art of education. Informing patients on their rights and freedoms to choice and make health care decisions.

It is important that nurses release their patients to feel free to make decisions . The key is to support and guide, listen and answer questions truthfully. Nurses are responsible for instructing patients on inform consents, and what to look for when choosing stem cell facilities. Patients need to know stem cell facilities with high quality standards and that follow guidelines protocols and the law established by by the National Institution of Health, and the Health and Human services. Patients need to understand their rights to receive donors that are not defected, understand share of cost and receive honest information. Patients need to know that most insurance companies don't cover this high technology. 

Patients deserve to exercise their autonomy with  nursing support. Nurses are expected to have fidelity and provide patients with accurate honest information.

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