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When I was a child I was told money did not grow on trees by my mother. It was a repetitive statement in our household. that was a word was not allowed to be used freely while growing up. Although my mother flourished me with toys as a child and clothing because she was the local village dressmaker. At times I needed to purchase something, when I ask would ask her for money, her reply would be, " go and ask your father." Living in the Caribbean years ago the men took care of the finance.
Now to ask my father is a process I have to create a well put together plan. He received his paycheck every fortnight from working on the plantation. He was a truck diver who carried the fresh produce into the city to be exported to countries around the world. I would create a fun plan making funny jokes had me dad and mom laughing although my mother knew the plan. This might go on for over an hour with my stomach full of butterflies and eventually I would ask the million dollar question. " I saw something in a store and would I please get the money to purchase it?" I would feel that the earth stood still in silence, smiles and laughter disappeared. My little voice will rise with the sound of ,"please dad." he would have to think about it and I would have to await another two weeks to receive it. What a release I finally did it, I am so proud of myself no more fingernail biting.
What I know now and the lessons I learnt from that experience there are ways to create extra passive income while investing on a small scale and only if my father knew, I we grew up with such stigmas on money and it is so easy to create wealth by saving on a regular basis and this is what Karatbars has done for my entire family. It has created freedom and long term wealth. Come join the gold saving family.

Camille Cameron

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Take Time Daily To Show You Care.

                            Ten Minutes Of Caring Daily.

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. Denis Waitley

Never be to busy to think about others. Mother Teresa



A message of love and care.

Woke up this ready to start my Sunday. Took a minute to reflect on my day filled with possibilities and knowing the divine will give me a surprise. Suddenly a thought appeared with the sound of one of my dear sister friend Rennia. She made her transition about two months ago, fortunately I visited her about three day before she started her next journey. On the visit Rennia relayed to me her release from the hospital and she will be returning home that same week. That was some great news on my visit. I can now say her concept of returning home and my interpretation was apparently different. 

My sister friend message to me was love and care for everyone and everything.These words were so electrifying I was in tears.  As a society we use the love word so casually, and there are so much more to this word.  It's representation very from person to person. How wonderful we all can come to a place of genuine love when we first learn to care. Caring for me opens the doorway to love without being judgmental.


“It’s time to care; it’s time to take responsibility; it’s time to lead; it’s time for a change; it’s time to be true to our greatest self; it’s time to stop blaming others.” 
Steve Maraboli

“Kindness can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You'll never know how much your caring matters. Make a difference for another today.” 
Amy Leigh Mercree

“A smile, just like a moment of living consciously, can ripple out touching and changing everything in the universe.” 
Steve Leasock 


Make today your caring day.

 Take some time out of our day and show you care  in what ever way you desire. A reminder little thing counts eventually they blossom into beautiful bouquet in the garden of life.

Enjoy and share your thoughts on caring.

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Are you truly living your goals?


Now I will certainly say yes, I am living my goals. For a very long time I was dreaming and wishing. Engulfing on creating other people stuff. When this happens one fails to remember what brings you joy and happiness.

Being grateful for when I started this journey on being an entrepreneur it was an ahha moment.

Listening to all these Coaches, Motivators and Authors they all emphasize on setting goals. Such as personal and business goals which is the road map to success.

Most impossible goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite size chunks, writing them down, believing them and going full speed ahead as if they were routine.
– Don Lancaster


The benefits of goal setting:

  1. Goals create hope, confidence and belief.
  2. A road map which creates the direction that is needed.
  3. Goals make the journey interesting, and less complicated.
  4. Goals give one motivation to keep pushing.
  5. As Napolian Hill states a burning desire.
  6. Goals keeps you focus.
  7. Goals creates a clear image, that one can feel it's manifestation.
  8. Goals defines everything that is needed. Sometimes an extra class, or training is needed.
  9. We can have many goals. It is vital to narrow down your goals to one at a time and everything will fall into it's rightful place.


Remember all the ideas we have they were born in us . They are not surprises, nothing new or phenomenal. Our ancient relatives walk this journey at some time. We are just reliving and finishing what was started euons of years ago. Our job is to stay focus and do not get into other people stuff, which causes our purpose to become fuzzy and we forget our path. 

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

As I share my thoughts on setting goals . What are your quotes or inspiration that fuel your goals.

Camille Cameron.

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Am I In Control Of My Mind?

     Who is in control of your mind?

As human beings do we have full control of our minds? For instance the animal kingdom. When I do research on various animals. Each animal have a structure how they live, eat and survive some are thought by the mothers or elders in the species. The majority are born with instincts. For they naturally know what to do to survive. 


What is it about human beings that we choose to give our mind away willingly? 

We grow up with everyone telling us how to think, feel, act and talk. Yes, we had to be thought , when observing a new born they naturally do things by instinct. As they get older the change begins. As parents we start with limitations although we are protecting them from danger. It would be incredible as parents to find a middle ground in parenting. 

Then the whole cycle begins from parents , to school, to church, to work etc. At what point do we loose control of our mind? 

“There are so many people whose minds do not belong to them. There are so many people whose thoughts have been purchased by people. There are so many people who have made people kings and queens of their thought. There are so many people who cannot sleep because of people. There are so many people whose lives are a small percentage of their own self and a greater percentage of others. When the offenses of people occupy your mind, your mind becomes the offenses of people instead of your own mind. To have your own mind and to be your own self, free your mind!” 
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah



                     We can regain control of our mind.

  • Start by becoming a reader, expand your library.
  • Read and research people who are successful.
  • Understand the principals in nature and how nature works.
  • Learn the mechanics of the mind.
  • Connect with the higher power within and ask for guidance.
  • Know that everything we are seeking is within not outside.
  • Be willing to do internal work like self development.
  • Never live in lack or limitation.
  • Care for everyone and everything in the world.
  • Know you and the earth, the universe are all in one.
  • Connect with your purpose.

“Free your mind. Disentangle your mindset from what can set your mind from your true purpose. Dare when you have to. Enjoy when it is a must. Relax when there is the need to, but, don’t spend the time. Don’t let wealth be a hindrance to fulfilling your true you. Don’t let poverty captivate your true you. Don’t let the environment engulf your true purpose; if possible flee to be free to dare. We all have excuses. Yourself is the most important factor in fulfilling your true you. Free your mind!!!” 
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I send this Press release in love for every one and may it be of value.

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Camille Cameron

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“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

Herbert Hoover


Definition of freedom is:

 the quality or state of being free: such as
athe absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
bliberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another :INDEPENDENCE
the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous freedom from care
dunrestricted use gave him the freedom of their home
eEASEFACILITY spoken the language with freedom
fthe quality of being frank, open, or outspoken answered with freedom
gimproper familiarity
hboldness of conception or execution
aa political right

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock,no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

Virginia Woolf

Awareness as a child.

 As as a child freedom was used in the context of slavery , different world wars, human rights and voting . Listening to BBC world news with my parents freedom  was used with groups of people protesting for different human rights. That was basically all I knew until I became an entrepreneur. 

Freedom has a range of different meaning.

” Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” Thomas Jefferson

 Can freedom be created?


As parents, educators and teachers we can implement in children the idea of creative thinking. Capturing the young minds that are not tainted by the external things in our environment. Encourage them to think big.The master key is reading and education . This will be the foundation to freedom and create a generation of free and creative thinkers.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my thougts, feedback are welcome. 

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Are you ready?  

I ask this sentence are you ready. We as human beings ask for things on a daily basis whatever or desires, goals and dreams. Question, do we make ourselves prepared and ready to receive what we ask for, from who or whatever is our higher power we give respect and homage too on a daily basis. I use a variety of terms such as source, infinite intelligence, divine,  infinite possibilities and the universe.


How do we get ready?

Yes, how do we get ready to receive all the wonderful things we ask for our lives.  There is order in everything on the planet, even in the universe. If there is order in the universe so it will be pertinent to get life in order. From my research these are a few steps to receive our abundance.

  1. Be very clear on what one want to manifest in their life. Keep a clear image in details. Remember thoughts create things.
  2. That is the image you would give energy to on a daily basis.
  3. Ask for what you want as clear as possible. The  universe do not judge you of who, what, when, where and why. What you ask for is what you will receive.
  4. Create an elevated energy , a feeling that will represent what you want. For instance one may want abundance the feeling or emotion will be freedom . Think of how freedom feels.
  5. It is not about effort or doing , it is about vibration. Keep staying in the vibrational fields because that is the journey.
  6. Start to live from the point of what you are seeking is already manifested. Find the feeling of abundance.
  7. Eliminate lack on all aspect and live from abundance.
  8. Stay in alignment daily which is clarity and keep the momentum going.
  9. When unhealthy thoughts and situations may appear stay centered.
  10. Find time daily to envision you goals and practice stillness.
  11. Listen to the thoughts and opportunities that will open up from the universe,
  12. Stay in the path and the path will find you, It is here and always unfolding just stay present.




Everything we are  seeking is present in our life. We do the internal work by releasing old habits and create a new you. Importantly stay in gratitude.

 Camille Cameron

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Become the first to be a part of this revolutionary system that is world-wide. The movement of money creates wealth.


A money system which will replace the fiat currency in which the world is making a drastic change. This gold coin money system was used millions of years ago. 

Dr. Harold Seitz who is also a minister of energy in Germany created this money system to help people build wealth. By saving gold in affordable and economical way. He is very transparent with how the company operates. There are so many locations presently to name a few: China, Dubai, Florida, Singapore, Africa and the list is growing daily.

This system works because one can become a million year by choice. You have an option of either being an affiliate or a customer either way one is still saving and creating wealth.

Presently we are over  570,000 affiliates and growing in over 100 countries, with an out of the world compensation plan in cash and gold, who can top that plan.

We created our first gold standard bank opening it's doors on July 4th 2019. It will be our golden independence day. That is the day millionaires will be created. The world still have the opportunity to be come a part and it is simple. OPEN A FREE GOLD SAVING ACCOUNT, AND START CREATING A LIFE OF FREEDOM.

Our own blockchain which keeps a record of all crypto transactions.

 We are the only company in the world offering cryptocurrency for the first time backed by a solid asset gold.

Also the first and only crypto phone which is fully private. Do the work of a regular cell phone, less fees and all your personal information private.

If you are a business owners you can open a free account and have access to accept crypto currency from your customers. We will create the system for your business of any size.

Karatbars has created a win, win solution for everyone in the world. I have seen regular folks  who are now millionaires. The system is easy to follow.

Let's build wealth together.

Camille Cameron

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Karatbars International and CEO Harald Seiz: Gold In Small Amounts As Currency During Crisis

At times, it can seem like there is a constant fluctuation between economic recession and economic growth. As we enter into one, it is predictable that the other is looming around the corner. This constant volatility of the markets leaves many investors weary about where they place their investments. Fortunately, there is an alternative option that doesn’t fall victim to the shortcomings of the stock market or economy. Gold is a more reliable asset than more traditional investments. During times of crisis, small amounts of this precious metal can be used as stable currency. While the value of cash rises and falls with the markets, this metal will remain the most reliable form of currency. Those who have invested in this precious metal will have an advantage over others stuck relying on the stock market.

Karatbars International is an industry leading provider in small gold-bars and other bullion-related items. The company was founded in 2011, driven by the mission to provide everyone with an opportunity to invest in small amounts of gold. The company’s headquarters are established in Stuttgart, Germany. This location is in charge of customer service and support, communication, marketing as well as delivery. Karatbars International has partnered with FedEx to deliver their products on a daily basis. The packaging process is always under video surveillance and close monitoring. The highly qualified and experienced team is dedicated to providing the best customer service to their clients. It is their desire to help customers make the best informed decisions possible in regards to purchasing this precious metal.

Harald Seiz and Karatbars: “Gold is the Unperishable Alternative to Paper”

Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International and leads the company as the CEO. He believes that all people should have access to solid financial protection. It is with this vision that Seiz has established his company. Harald Seiz understands that small quantities of gold-bars or gold-bullion offer an imperishable alternative to paper. When times are rough and paper is no longer of much value, gold will remain the supreme form of currency. Seiz has made it his mission to supply individuals with gold-related items to protect themselves from reoccurring inflation. Before founding his company, Harald Seiz began his professional career as an apprentice in the insurance and property industry. He then continued on to become an independent adviser for several different companies. It is with this experience in the financial sector that Seiz leads his company to help people find security through the formation of capital.

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A Wealth System That Helps Everyone.


Opportunities come our way every second of the day in our existence. The universe takes care of our needs constantly.  Do we recognize it, embrace it and make it work. Some of us take action. Others do not want to be bothered. 

I recall praying for an opportunity to give me freedom for years. One night my husband said to me come to take a look at this on the computer.  I instantly registered although did not know what I was getting into, all I knew registering is free so I have nothing to lose. 

       Gold is money. Everything else is credit.  J. P. Morgan


"If you want an alternative currency, check out gold. It has stood the test of thousands of years as a store of value and medium of exchange". — Paul Singer

Billionaires have a system that works for them even when they are asleep. Wouldn't you like a money system that works for you to create wealth? A proven system that works.

  All you do is pay yourself first whenever you receive income. Pay yourself as little or as big as you want, only you know your self-worth. Protect your children with a system backed by gold. What are you teaching you next generation about creating wealth because the world is changing fast and we have to be ahead so or assets can be protected? 

That's the main reason I am an advocate for Karatbars Universe. It has helped so many families. You do not have to quit your job, which you will eventually. See it from the point of a savings account like what you have with the bank. The difference is you are saving in gold instead of fiat currency.

Our motto "save a lot of gold, help a lot of people make and make a  lot of money. "


"Gold has intrinsic value. The problem with the dollar is it has no intrinsic value. And if the Federal Reserve is going to spend trillions of them to buy up all these bad mortgages and all other kinds of bad debt, the dollar is going to lose all of its value. Gold will store its value, and you'll always be able to buy more food with your gold." — Peter Schiff

 I offer this article to create value to the one who sees the value of saving in gold and creating generational wealth for you and your generation.

  Click this link to get started If you may have questions contact me at


Camille Cameron


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Include The Big Apple On Your Bucket List.

As a business owner, wife and mom. We get so caught up in our every day of life and we tend not to pay attention to ourselves. Time to visit the Big Apple New York City.

1. The Statue Of Liberty.


Bartholdi was inspired by a French law professor and politician, Édouard René de Laboulaye, who is said to have commented in 1865 that any monument raised to U.S. independence would properly be a joint project of the French and U.S. peoples. Because of the post-war instability in France, work on the statue did not commence until the early 1870s. In 1875, Laboulaye proposed that the French finance the statue and the U.S. provide the site and build the pedestal. Bartholdi completed the head and the torch-bearing arm before the statue was fully designed, and these pieces were exhibited for publicity at international expositions. 
Address: Liberty Island, Manhatten, New York, N.Y.
Hours: Daily 8.30 to 4 p.m.
Train: South Ferry/Bowling Green/Whitehall St.-South Ferry
2. The Empire State Building


The Empire State Building is a 102 story skyscraper.

It was completely built in1931 with a roof height of 1,250 feet, with a total of 1,454 ft.

Address 5th Avenue between 33rd and 34th st, Manhatten New York City.


3. Chelsea Market.

The Chelsea Market complex fills an entire city block bounded by Ninth and Tenth Avenues and 15th and 16th Streets, with a connecting bridge over Tenth Avenue to the adjacent 85 Tenth Avenue building, which was also part of the Nabisco complex but is now separately owned.[2] In addition to the retail concourse.

 4. Metropolitan Museum Of Art.
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 by a group of American citizens – businessmen and financiers as well as leading artists and thinkers of the day – who wanted to create a museum to bring art and art education to the American people.
Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 10 AM -5.15PM, Fri and Sat 10 AM - 8.45 PM
These are just a few places in this magnificent city to visit.
I hope this article brings value to everyone.
Camille Cameron
Blogger/ Investor/Entrepeneur.
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Finding Strength In The Time Of Defect.

Sometimes when life is just moving forward we tend to look around and wonder when did this or that happened. I say this statement because I kept putting off things to accomplish and only focussing on business. Then there comes an awaking moment realization, balancement is very important in life goals.

I was away from this platform for a couple of weeks and not even working my business. The wonderful thing about my niche is my investments are consistently growing and also getting paid based on the work I invested.


It was time to focus on family. My oldest daughter was pregnant and on her last trimester, she was considered high risk. It was really a trying time on my inner bean, as a mother that inner strength kicks into action. She was hospitalized for about 6 weeks. Hooked up to every equipment, not able to move and could only give me a smile at times. There were so many sleepless nights, long days at the hospital hoping the baby would stay inside of her a little longer. On the other hand, I did not want to get that dreaded phone call at night saying something went wrong with either mother or child.

One day while visiting my daughter she utters these words to me, "Ma I has made peace with death."  She just could not take the constant pain and high blood pressure anymore. With my eyes filled with tears and have to hold them back and make sure I keep my composure.  My reply was absolutely not, you have to fight to stay alive for you, the baby and your older two boys. As the days go by her eyes was reflecting her weakness.

It's so important to have a supporting team in good and especially challenging times. Betty my best girlfriend who would stay on the phone day and night. My daughter girlfriend Ptah would give her baths and massages to help with her circulation. Miss Thomas, grandma would make sure she has a fresh meal daily. I thank all these strong, supporting women.

Finally, it came that afternoon the body could not hold the baby in any longer. I recall saying to her the baby heartbeat is dropping very low, after being in the hospital for such a long time one tends to be able to read the machines. Within a second there were about three doctors and lots of nurses gathered and said to me a baby was about to be born.

Our beautiful bundle was born 3lbs and her name is Majesty. While she was being delivered my daughter died for a few minutes. The amazing doctors at the hospital were able to resuscitate her for which I am truly grateful.

Majesty is doing much better developing slowly after spending a month in the hospital for this I am also grateful.


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You and the Prefrontal Cortex

      The yellow color is the prefrontal cortex.  

  What is the prefrontal cortex?

I was reading a book titled "The power of Habit why we do what we do in business", by Charles Duhigg. When I initially started the book I was just not getting what it was all about. Eventually, chapter nine tied in everything that was read. This chapter was based on a man who would sleepwalk ends up killing his wife while sleepwalking and another woman who became a gambler. 

We are responsible for our habits. Based on my reading this book I decided to do some research on the prefrontal cortex. Another person who did immense work of this part of the brain is Dr. Joe Dispenza with neuroscience and there are many more people throughout time who spoke on this topic. 

The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain located at the front of the frontal lobe.  It is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development.  Also, some authors claim it is responsible for a person will, to live or die.

The prefrontal cortex makes up over 10% of the volume of the brain and thus is likely involved in many functions. There is one category of cognition, however, that is frequently linked to the prefrontal cortex: executive functions.


Some of the functions of the prefrontal cortex.

  • Creativity.
  • Making Decisions.
  • Your higher cognitive function.
  • Social Behaviour.
  • Insights.


"One example of how the prefrontal cortex operates is when we come up with ""Aha!"" moments. Sometimes when we try to solve a particularly difficult problem, such as figuring out a puzzle, we reach a dead end and need to set it aside for a little while. As we go about our day doing other things, it would seem as if we had forgotten about the puzzle. In reality, the prefrontal cortex continues to work on it behind the scenes, pulling information from the analytical left side of the brain and integrating it with relevant data from the more intuitive and emotional right side of the brain. At some point, a lightbulb goes off and all of a sudden, we have a solution. That is the end-product of what the Prefrontal Cortex has been doing all along."

"Patients with prefrontal cortex damage tend to perform poorly on tasks that require the use of long-term strategies and the inhibition of impulses. They also often display short-term memory deficits, which may help to explain some of their difficulties in planning."

There is so much more information on the prefrontal cortex, it's very important to study who and what we are.

Camille Cameron.

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Are You The Master Of Your Own Kingdom.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill.

 A funny incident happened this morning, I had to take a step back and examine my self. I went on a whole ranting with my son on the external stimulus he listens too constantly. I ranted because he is always misplacing something, for example, his keys, ID, and the list goes on. Although it is apart of being 16 and becoming a master. 

To shift my focus I went to my cell phone looking at my messages. My girlfriend sent me a video of The Joe Rogan Show. He was interviewing Gay Ritchie. My initial taught was I do not listen to these shows, but there is no harm in changing the genre. It was very interesting Mr. Ritchie was speaking about being the master of your kingdom. My son entered the kitchen at that same time while I was listening to the show. His response was,  "You are listening to the exact show I listen to constantly that you describe at unnecessary stimulus"  I was lost for words. While focusing on the content I saw myself.

For the past two years, I decided to transform into becoming the master of my kingdom. In the sense of not letting society dictate who I am or what I am supposed to be in this world. Something about becoming 50, an awakening takes place.  I grew up listing to my parents, teachers in school, priest and all the elder's in the village which created the environment to grow into womanhood. Which is the best experience in life? The flip side is when I leave the roost and start flying and experiencing the true reality of the world which is frightening, and also amazing at times. Unconsciously we now look for places to shield ourselves based on our childhood belief we become gullible.   

I looked for something familiar like the village I grew up in until I was 26 when I decided to fly, something I wanted to do from since an early age. Yes, I found that group/family to call home and I enjoyed another 24 years. To some, it might be an organization, a church or a group. 

As the years crept on I ask myself these following questions.? 

Have I seen life and experienced life from Camille's point of reference or from what I have been thought?

Whose life am I living?

What have I done for humanity through my eyes?

What is my true purpose?

What is the legacy I am leaving for my generation?

How is the essence of my ancestors going to live on?

Am I connected with the divine in me to guide my life?

Do I trust and allowing the divine in me to direct my life?

Do I take responsibility for my actions, my thoughts and the decisions I make?

I had to do some deep soul searching and that has brought me to the place of being a master of my kingdom with lots of gratitude to my teachers along the way.


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Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children


One late winter night about two years ago after so tiresome work I was looking at youtube when I stumbled on this documentary and could not walk away until it ended. It resonated deep into my soul that I must share with the world. Its called Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.

"Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children tells the story of three children – Esther, Grace, and Obert – struggling to survive in Zimbabwe after the political and economic meltdown. It is a heart-wrenching story which will reduce most viewers to tears and leave you unable to shake off the traumatic image of these children trying to survive on a daily basis. The common theme in the film is their desperate desire to go to school and receive an education.

The film has received many prestigious awards including UK BAFTA for Best Current Affairs, a USA Peabody Award, the Broadcast Digital award, Chicago Film Festival Gold Plaque, Rory Peck Sony Impact Award."

After viewing this documentary it brought me to a place within my being of contentment. At times I would complain about my desires and wants. When there are children who do not know where the next meal is coming from and being hungry for days on end, lack of shelter, clothing, and education.

I now keep this foundation very close to my heart. Why my heart one may say? Now I know better, the heart makes anything we want manifest, not the mind or brain. Yes, we use the brain to create and the heart is the fuel that keeps the passion inside towards whatever is our goals. The heart gives the emotion and feeling when I am focusing on my goals. Energy in motion.

We all know the holiday season is ahead, although there are lots of us who donate on a regular basis to a charity or organization. It would be wonderful to add another charity to your Christmas list and it does not cost a whole lot. We can create a better world one person at a time. Let's all give from the heart.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, There is neither fear nor ignorance.” St. Francis of  Assisi.


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What’s The Price For Freedom?



Do Freedom Have A Price.

The price of freedom may have a variety of answers based on what point an individual is in life. In my case freedom do have a price. For example a real life situation, a young women was presented with an opportunity for freedom. She quickly saw her freedom with the presentation and decided right away to make a sacrifice.  Her sacrifice was not paying her light and gas bill for six months so she can invest in her freedom. After making that decision, one day she attended a live promotional event. One of the top earners in the business glance across the room from where she was standing  saw a woman with her head in the palm of her hands crying uncontrollable. From across the room their eyes connected when she raised her head to wipe the tears running controllable. She asked the woman silently are you ok? She said yes, but still crying throughout the presentation.  The top earner approached her and said to the lady, “May I speak to you outside?’ They went out side and the lady shared her story. I see my freedom and I invested all I have it was not much.  

When the conversation was over the big earner and another director spoke about the situation and instantly knew they had to help this lady. They presented her with a package of $5,000 dollars in gold coins. When she cashes those coins in on July 4th 2019, the guarented  return is $40,000. Yes some of us do have to pay a price for freedom. It is not emotion it is math. 

My price to freedom is staying focus on saving gold on a weekly basis. Stay focus on the things I like to do. Keep the mind present, enjoy life and live in gratitude. 


 #ibo, #freegoldsaving, #saveingold, #karatbars, #cryptocurrency

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Goals, manifestation, and energy.



Every one set goals. We are thought to write out your goals. Start a daily ritual of bringing them into manifestation by reading and visualizing your goals on a daily basis.  “When it comes to our goals and dreams we all want to know how we can make those ideas or thoughts materialize in our lives. This art of bringing a thought form from an energetic state to the point of materializing in one’s present reality is called Manifestation. The Art of Manifestation is not new. The techniques used to manifest dreams into reality have been available to us since ancient times. The steps are actually quite simple and easy to apply, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Just like working out to build a muscle, the process is simple but requires consistent practice, dedication and focus to attain the desired result. One must focus their attention on the right things to create the right results.”

Some of us may ask the question to oneself on various occasions, “what is the cause of my goals not manifesting, or why is it taking such a long process?” What is missing is it the energy which brings the goals into existence? This process works with creating one state of mind.  impact-theory-belief-system.

Dr. Joe Dispenza states we must live in the present as if our future has already manifested. For this process to materialized :

  1. Create a clear image of your goal.
  2. Bring your future into the present by living daily as if your goals are manifested.
  3. Stay in a state of gratitude for the manifestation of your goals.
  4. Create a new emotion, energy or feeling and keep it present, this is the feeling you want to experience when your goals are manifested.
  5. Reprogram your mind with new positive thoughts
  6. Release the past and gain wisdom from those experiences.
  7. Practice forgiveness.
  8. Meditation daily to reprogram and rebuild the body and mind.

With dedication and persistence using the right formula we, all can achieve our goals. 

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Nature takes care of us in abundance.

                         Experiencing Daily Abundance       

Abundance very from one person to the next based on what is there goals. My experience of abundance happened a few days ago while doing one of my daily routines. It began when I headed out of the house to around 6.15 am to start my daily walk. My first gift of abundance is seeing how nature gives us everything that we need. 

This particular morning, on opening my front door to my surprise I did not see the early dawn sun making its appearance between the trees. The early sun expels one of the most energic energies, which feels so welcoming to start my day. Instead,  I received the blessing of some raindrops and a cloudy sky.  With the clouds expressing, it was going to stick around for a while. As a human being, we tend to experience a sense of discomfort when there is a shift in our routine or comfort zone. Nature always takes care of us abundantly and gives us what is needed at any given time.

As I made my way to the destination opening my arms excepting the cleansing of the raindrops renewing my being. It was the best feeling ever accepting the abundance of what nature is offering instead of resistance. When we stay present that is the most precious gifts we receive. While on the tracks walking and enjoying the which kept me cool. There are a family of seven pigeons, three robins and two seagulls who visit the park at the same time. We have created a friendship and respect for each other. They are normally eating the leaf overs of food particles on the ground. This morning with the rain waking up everything that was asleep the birds were lying on their stomach with their wings spread out as a fan enjoying the puddles of water, welcoming every droplet of rain rolling from there smooth velvet like feathers.

Then enters the men who roam the streets of my neighborhood picking up bottles. There are three men who appear at different intervals while my presence is in the park. We would be cordial to each other with a nod, smile or good morning depending on the moment. To my surprise, although the area is not enormous each person will gather a significant amount of empty bottles, even though each of the men walked in the same direction at different times. This proved to me how the universe takes care of each one of us. There will always be an abundance of supply for each and every one of our needs.

I share my inner being Camille Cameron.

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A Generational Retirement Plan.


This company started in 2011. 

Without a website and all the SCO, it was by the word of mouth.

It has it's own gold business (Karatbars) 

It has it's our own Crypto business (KaratGold)

It has it's our own coin (KaratGold Coin)

 It has it's our own physical bank! (KaratCoin Bank Inc Miami)

 It has it's our own bank in Singapore that stores the gold. (Karatbank) 

There is our own payment system (KaratPay) 

There is our own app! (KaratPay App) 

It's own crypto exchange platform in a few weeks. 

We will have our own blockchain.

This company operates the business in 125 countries! 

It now has our gold production queue! 

Also, own new mines.

You can set up your own business with KExchange.

When you start your saving account you create a beneficiary also.

This company offers generational wealth.

Create your own branding cards. Such as cards can be created for memorable moments which will last a lifetime: wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, charitable events, sports teams, baby's birth, and the list goes on.

The company supports various charities around the world.

A debt-free company out of Stuttgart Germany.

There are new offices in Dubai, Hong Kong.

Our coin is traded on the top Asian platforms that do over 100 million per day in transactions. 

To name a few of our strategic partnerships are the Vatican, Fed Ex, DHL, MasterCard.

Receive a 100Euros coupon towards your first purchase.

The KBC is listed with HitBTC.

Anyone can create a retirement account saving in gold.

Savings Account gives you protection against the future financial crisis and rapid inflation.

It protects your hard earned paper currency with physical gold.

It has the only system in the world where you can get free gold.

Setup Auto-Exchange, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

It puts you in a position to build a Global Business from the comfort of your home!

Gold in the largest industry in the world. 1.4 Quadrillion!!!

Even your personal products contain gold, that makes great gifts items. Gift of GOLD.


I express my heart to the world, may it reach each and everyone with joy, harmony, and value.

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What Is Your Future With Money.

                     Karatgold The Future Of Money.

Is everyone paying attention to the current state of all your hard earn money?  

Zig Ziglar: Author, Motivational speaker

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale."

The Karatgold ICO took place in March of 2018, to great success. Since then, Karatbars has entered into a partnership with three of the top Asian gold trading firms. The firms will use Karatgold Coin to trade millions of gold transactions per day. This will provide extra liquidity to Karatgold, allowing for it to gain wider acceptance faster. Many of Karatbars International’s 480,000 CashGold customers also have begun to use Karatgold Coin since the ICO. Karatbars International CEO Harald Seiz recently announced that Karatbars had acquired a bank in Miami. The fully-licensed bank will open as one of the world’s first cryptocurrency banks in June.

Karatgold Coin is off to a racing start. As it gains in popularity, it’s value will continue to rise. Investors looking for a ground-floor ICO opportunity with staying power will be well-served with Karatgold Coin, the only ICO backed by a $900 million goldmine.

Ted Turner: Media mogul, Founder of CNN, Philanthropist

"Life is a game. Money is how we keep score."

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 by finance Entrepreneur Harald Seiz. Its mission is bringing investors security and freedom through wealth acquisition. In addition to Karatgold Coin, it provides many small-gram gold quantities to customers, which are designed to be easily exchangeable. Harald Seiz speaks at many international financial events and conferences and is the author of the investor education book The Future of Money.

Henry David Thoreau: Author, Poet, Philosopher

"Wealth is the ability to truly experience life."


My purpose for this article is for all of us to pay attention, be informed and make intelligent choices.

Camille Cameron

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Benefits Of KaratGold Currency.

     Are There Benefits For KaratGold Coins?

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years.”
Warren Buffett

If you care about building wealth this is the key. Yes, there are different ways to create wealth, some will respond. As small business owners show me another way? I can open a free account start saving in small increments on a weekly basis and the end of just one year the interest is unbelievable. Now that's building. Not to mention it goes into your generation, like life it is ongoing. 


Here are some of the key benefits of KaratGold Coin:

  • Related to 24-carat gold
  • Appropriate quantities of KaratGold Coins are exchangeable into CashGold at any time
  • Facilitation of real-time payments anywhere and anytime
  • Cost-efficient
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used for the purchase of the KaratGold Coin
  • Free and borderless transfer
  • Increasing substantial number of points of acceptance
  • Low fees payable by merchants for the use of the KaratGold Coin and the KaratGold Ecosystem

“The global acceptance and recognition of gold as a safe and secure harbor will make the Coin and the CashGold one of the leading payment alternative worldwide,” explains Harald Seiz. “Therefore, holders of Coin will not only enjoy protection against inflation and vague governments and economies but also have the opportunity to participate in the value increase which will be achieved in the future.”

Three of Asia’s largest gold trading firms have already partnered with KaratBars International to execute several million gold transactions on a daily basis. Moreover, a high percentage of the company’s 480,000 CashGold product owners have purchased KaratGold Coin to own small amounts of 24-carat gold. KaratBars International is also in the process of opening one of the world’s earliest fully licensed cryptocurrency banks in Miami, offering an exquisite range of services for the traders, investors, investment firms, and individual consumers.

Enlistment in HitBTC is a significant step forward in this project and KaratGold Coin (KBC) is soon expected to make its way to other popular exchanges including Poloniex, Bithumb, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and many others. The coins are currently trading at one cent, and this value is just on the verge of going up by leaps and bounds as it is completely immune from the normal currency fluctuations and market swings.

I am sharing what works for me and It is very valuable your success is my success. Let's care for each other.

Camille Cameron.

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