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I recommend you read why I started this network so you will know how it will benefit you. Click the link below.

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RECENTLY UPDATE ON October 3, 2019:

Syndication Automation will give your blog posts syndication and lots of exposure on top social sites.  Members blog posts and press releases are being shared by me and several other members who have made a decision to participate. ALL members post is being shared to the Syndication Express Facebook fan page, three Twitter accounts, Linkedin, and Pinterest. This is massive exposure, social signals and traffic for all who do it. Syndication Automation is happening here and I recommend that you visit often to read, comment and share members post to other social and bookmarking sites.

Step 1 is to setup your profile. NOTE: You should have done this already when you signed up. If not, it is very important that you do this. YOU are branding your name online and it will help you tremendously.

Step 2 is to add your photo (your photo dimensions must be a minimum of 200x200 pixels) if they are to small, it will not upload. YOU will have to resize your photo. Please don't leave the default image up, people will respond when they see a photo of you. So please put a photo of you, NO LOGOS. Using a logo is not good for branding your name and face online and this is very important as bloggers and article writers. 

Step 3 is that you understand that the purpose of this network is for bloggers and article writers to get branding. exposure, content syndication, social signals, one way backlinks for their primary blog and most importantly - SEO. When we work together to achieve success, we can all get free organic traffic from the search engines by getting indexed and ranked. If you like a members blog post after reading it then you should comment to tell them so and share their blog post or article/press release to the various social sites you belong to. This is a very natural approach to getting what is needed to achieve our goals and have success, and in the process we will be branding our name and getting to know each other with the content we write.

Step 4 is to publish your first blog/press release in the SE community and add one to three anchor text links to your primary blog post, articles/press releases (no more than three links or it will look spammy to the search engines). When someone clicks on your link to your blog post/press release, this will give you a one way backlink and this is what Google loves. 

Step 5 I highly recommend that you post original article content, press release here on the site (150 to 200 words min.) and then add anchor text links to your primary blog/press release.

Step 6 Click link below to learn all about Syndication Automation. I suggest that you come daily to read, comment and share members post to your favorite social and bookmarking sites. Additionally you can share it on Pinterest.

When you leave a relevant comment on a members blog post or article/press release, this creates a backlink to your SE profile, and this is engagement. Every one should try to log in to read and share members content.


Be a go-giver, it's worth the effort to do it.

I want to make this site known as the best on the internet for SYNDICATION of blog content/press releases.

Happy writing and branding your name on the internet.

Syndication Express blog - The blog is updated with selected featured blog posts by members in the community and this means more exposure since it will be shared on Facebook, Linkedin,  and Twitter. Additionally it will be shared in several of my groups on Facebook.


Click here to LIKE the Syndication Express fan page - I recommend that all SE members give us a LIKE, because this means more viral exposure and traffic since blog content is being shared there too. 

Finally please check out the Syndication Automation tab at the top of the page. it will be to your advantage to read it all first, then read it again. I want you to understand how Syndication Automation works and will benefit you greatly.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

Social Media Strategist

"Listen, Learn and Live in the now"



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  • Thanks a lot Terri Pattio.

  • Syndication Express is a blogging platform with many unique features. Check out the benefits now. 

  • I understand Cosmos. If you have questions simply send me a message and I will answer at my earliest convenience. 

  • This site is very new to me and as I navigate and learn the dos and don'ts I will step up my game. Thank you for understanding.

  • I don't think people realize how powerful Syndication Automation is. It would be so cool and awesome for every member to be doing it. I recommend that every member should be doing because it means massive syndication and exposure, social signals, Twitter retweets, Facebook and Linkedin likes and shares and free traffic from the search engines too. If you have questions feel free to PM me anytime and I will answer at my earliest convenience.

  • Daniel I recommend you do it at your earliest convenience. Glad to have you in the community.

  • Thank you Diana for your comments and I wish the best for you and glad to have you in the community. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will always answer at my earliest convenience.

  • Thank you Terri,

    Great work. I will do my best to be helpful to all here, it is as you say the only way to succeed give before you get. Please be patient with me as I learn about this site.

    Have a wonderful day.


  • Thank you very much James and I'm happy to have you in the community. I do love to write and share information which I have learned to help people be successful online. I feel this community is a great way for us to get to know each other better. Blogging is a great way to communicate with people and the post are indexed and ranked in the search engines within 48 hours. This is fantastic news for us all and what we all need and want. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Have a great day James and welcome to the Syndication Express community.

  • I have to thank IBOToolbox for my introduction to Terri. If she had not been the person of the day, it may have been a long while before I really would have made an aquaintance,  even though we've been friends on FB for some time. I like what I see here Terri, & I must admit, the way you have set things up is refreshing, & I feel the love and support, & look forward to interacting here. -James

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