Syndication Automation - How To Syndicate Your Primary Blog Post To The Social Media Sites

Today you will learn how to syndicate your primary blog post plus how to syndicate the blog post that are being published here in the community and why you should be doing this. I recommend you do it because it will be very beneficial when you do. I recommend that you read all the way to the end first and then follow the instructions after reading.

This is a blog content syndication network and my main reason for starting this site is so every member in the community can get what they need to brand their name online and make money too.

Your blog post needs massive syndication and exposure on ALL the major social sites and this is what I am about to share with you to make it happen. By using syndication automation it will enable you to spend time connecting with and getting to know people. Relationships is the KEY to having a successful business.

** I recommend that you use Syndication Automation if you want massive syndication, exposure, social signals and traffic. is the site I recommend to syndicate your primary blog/article content and SE members blog posts. This will give you exposure, branding and new followers on all the social sites that you syndicate the blog content published in the SE community.

You can share to 3 social sites as a free member.

Click here for instructions to set up Syndication Automation for the blogs published in the community.

Syndication Express feed below:

The #secontentnetwork is a hashtag that I created for Syndication Express members to use when they tweet your blog post on Twitter. You can see SE members latest blog post and retweet it. Twitter will then send them an email so they will know you retweeted their post. By retweeting their post, it will give you a backlink to your Twitter profile. The blog post and writer will get more exposure and a social signal. It would surely help to leave a comment on the blog post on Twitter, because it's a social signal as well. 

I have been doing this for several years now and my network of followers is growing everyday on ALL the social media sites. I am able to spend my time connecting with and helping people to be successful online. When you do what I have shared with you, the same will happen for you and your business will grow, you will be branding your name, getting lots of exposure by sharing members blog content and making money online.


All blog posts are being shared on Facebook (SE fan page) Twitter (3 accounts), Linkedin, and Pinterest.

I am excited about this and I know this will give our blog post MASSIVE syndication, a lot of exposure and social signals. This will generate TRAFFIC to your blog content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will give YOU MORE EXPOSURE and you'll be sharing Syndication Express members blog content and we all benefit individually and as a community. I believe that every member in the community publish great blog post and I love sharing them. One point to make, please visit the SE site to read and comment on the blog posts because you're connecting with the blog author.

When you are on Twitter, you can type "#secontentnetwork" in the search box and you will see all the blog post that have been posted in the S.E. network. What I recommend doing is, retweeting member's post to give the post more exposure since it a social signal. I have three(3) Twitter accounts and do this for all of them and you will get an email notification from Twitter letting you know about the retweet. I believe this is a great thing for Syndication Express. I hope that all members will participate in Syndication Automation.

NOTE: It is to your advantage to syndicate the blog content as outlined above, this will give you exposure from Syndication Express and brand your name online,

Please read my blog post "Blog Content Syndication" to learn how Syndication Express works.

Please visit and follow the Syndication Express Facebook page on Facebook; since all member's post are being shared here too. This means more exposure for the post that are being published here in the community. This means that your followers will be seeing the content being syndicated from the SE community. 


Here's to your massive success.

Terri Pattio - Founder of Syndication Express

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  • i can't connect with divr it says'Hm. We're having trouble finding the site.

    We cannot connect to the server at app.dlvrit.comhttps.

  • Have you set up your blog syndication yet? I recommend it highly.

  • Thanks Terri, it's awesome...! The perfect tool..!

  • Thank you Terri for this information about Syndication Automation, I am learning many new things since joining SE. Hello Robin I agree with you this is definitely something worth setting up.

  • I can see how it really sends your content viral.  I'm looking forward to getting set up.  Thank you Terri for all you do!

  • Robin I'm glad you like Syndication Automation. I believe it's awesome because it works to give your blog posts massive exposure on all the TOP social sites and give you one way backlinks and traffic from the search engines. 

  • Hello Terri,  This Syndication Automation is "Cold"!  I've read through it now I have to come back and set everything up.  Thank you for inviting me to SE, this an Awesome Site!

  • Terri this is absolutely excellent. Thank you for creating this.

  • Yes Sandy and it's easy to set up.

  • I have a personal blog page and will have to do this to promote it. 

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