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Lisech eMarketing teamwork quote 548 X 195

Reaching the heights you choose requires teamwork.

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  • Totally agree Dennis

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    Merle, I consider Syndication express to be of ever increasing importance. The way Terri has it set up it will for those who use it properly become part of a team. 

  • thank you for sharing Dennis

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    I understand what you are saying. What I have found is too many people depend on a single platform be it their website, or a program where they can produce content. From a search engine standpoint this is not the best approach. Social sharing is always going to be important because it is part of the search algorithm. Having content in more than one place also helps. 

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    This is one reason I started Syndication Express to give bloggers and article writers massive exposure of their blog post and it will help them with getting one way backlinks to their blog content.

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    I have already seen it on Google+. Thank you Terri. You do deliver on your Syndication Express brand promise. 

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    That's great news to hear that you are growing your team. Shared on Syndication Express fan page and Google plus too.

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    Thanks Terri. I wonder how many people realize it takes at least four disciplines to create viable, long lasting, converting brands. Lisech has used specialists in each discipline since we opened for business. It is a team, and now we are working on adding two more teams. 

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    Great quote by Brian Tracy. Thank you Dennis for sharing it in the SE community. Blessings and continued success for you.

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