11 Tips Why You Need To Set Your Schedule

Setting Your Schedule

5mjh9If you want to have a successful business then you need to set yourself a schedule.  You might be thinking “but I am doing this work online so that I can have some felxibility and more freedom.  Why do I need to stick to a schedule?”

To an extent this is true but if you want to HAVE a successful business where you can have the freedom and flexibility then you NEED to have a schedule in place.  I have listed the 11 tips below on why you need this schedule.

  • If you have a day job (or night job or part time job) then you would need to mark that down as you are not going to be available for that period of time.
  • You might want to give yourself Sundays off, as spending time with family and loved ones is so very important.  If you don’t have any commitments on a Sunday then use this time to catch up.
  • If you have school going children then you need to mark down any meetings, events at school or after school events.  DO NOT compromise on family as this should be your first priority, before thinking what you could be earning.  I learnt the hard way !!
  • Take one or two evenings off a month to go out with your other half.  Another DO NOT ignore them !!
  • If you have set times to take the dog for a walk, mark that on your schedule as well as that is also important.
  • You also need to mark on your schedule a bit of “ME” time.  I used to sit for 14-16 hours a day on the computer.  That was all wrong, ignoring family and friends just to get my work done.  Believe it or not when I started a schedule and took time out for these things I got just as much done in 3 hours as I did in the 14-16 hours !!!
  • Personal development is an essential part of your training, so mark down a spot on your schedule for 30 minutes a day just to read a good book that is going to help you in your work on personal development.  Meditation is also a good thing.  Do that for about 15 minutes when you get up and you will see how motivated you feel.  Life is so fast these days and you need that time just to get the juices flowing …….
  • Once you have got the above appointments all marked out on your schedule you will then be able to see what times you have available to devote to your business.  Fill these in and make sure to stick to the days and times and then you will see how things gradually get easier, giving you more free time.
  • Try and stick to a routine.  Maybe you check your emails first – set a 30 minute block for that and stick to that 30 minutes.  Do the same for Facebook.  I am sure you know how addictive Facebook can be, but just limit yourself.  Turn it off after 30 minutes and then perhaps 30 minutes for sending emails, or writing a blog post.  But just stick to the times you have set out.
  • If you find you are not getting it all done in that set schedule, maybe get up an hour earlier (before going to work if you work) and do a bit of catch up, or spend an hour at the end of your set schedule.
  • Colour coding is a great idea.  Less important things RED, things that need to be done maybe ORANGE and the things that are going to make you that extra income GREEN for GO …….


You will be surprised how quickly you get into a routine by doing this.  If you fall off the wagon a couple of times, don’t panic.  Just get back on and back into the routine.

Would love to know your thoughts on this strategy ??

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