A reminder of my connection with God...

The Daily Meditation 06.28.2013

A reminder of my connection with God…

Kathy Azar, RScP


As I sit here this morning I am thinking of a dear friend who is going through a very difficult time right now. She is a woman of strong faith, but during this time of crisis she finds it very hard to remember her connection to Spirit. So, she reaches out to all of her friends and family who know her Truth and can hold that for her. When I look at the mountains that she has already climbed and the hurtles she has yet to overcome, I see her strength of character. I am reminded that we are never alone. God always resides deep within us. As a great man once said, “We do not open our hearts to let God in. We open our hearts to let God out.” So, my prayer today is for my friend.

I absolutely know that there is one Truth….one magnificent Source…….one great Power in around and through all things. I choose to call that source God. We are always and in all ways completely immersed in God’s love.

I know that I am one with that Source. I am always directly connected to God’s love and power. My thoughts are God thoughts…….my words are God words. I am God in form walking this earth. And as I know this to be true for me, I absolutely know this to be true for my friend. She is always directly connected to God’s love and power. Her thoughts are God thoughts…….her words are God words. She is God in form walking this earth.

I now affirm for her……perfect health and healing. I know that she is cradled in God’s loving, healing arms. I affirm that her spirits are high and she knows and feels her direct connection with God at all times. I know that she is blessed with loving friends and family who encourage and support her. She moves forward with courage, strength and grace fully knowing that she is never alone.

I am so grateful for this knowing. I am grateful for the teachings of Science of Mind that allow me to know that we truly can co-create our lives. I am grateful that this connection with Spirit is available to everyone. I am grateful for my friend who is a beautiful manifestation of God’s love and grace walking this earth in form.

So, with a grateful heart, I release these words fully knowing that they are already manifest and cannot come back void.

And so it is!!

Kathy Azar is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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