A True Story Of A Young Girl

This young girl grew up around all boys. The only girls she knew were in school, some to old for her to  hang out with and some to young for her to play with.

She grew up trying hard to please her mother but no luck. Her mother would beat her just for her looking at her. Her mother was so mean to her that she was her mothers butt of the jokes anytime family members or friends were around. 

Family would come and the adults would play a game. The kids would be in the room with them and she would make sure she treated the only girl in the room hateful by telling her things like she has to go to the bathroom and she tells the girl go for her. She tells her  I don't need to go the mother  tells her  I said go now I have to go bad so go do it for me. Everyone is laughing and making her look stupid so she goes to her room. Her mother fallows her and tells her to get back in there or she will get a beating. 

When it came to going school shopping the mother only wanted to take her precious son shopping and not her daughter so she tells her go get ready to go school shopping and I'll do your hair. So the young girl goes and gets ready. Tells her mother she's ready for her to do her hair. The mother goes in the back to the bathroom and turns a blow dryer in her face and alittle on her hair but kept blowing it in her face so much that she puts her hands on the sink so she can hold herself up. Her mother gets mad at her for doing it and tells her if she does it again shes going to get a beating. Not to long after that she faints and falls down. She wakes up to her mother slapping her hard in the face. She blames the daughter for this so she tells her she's not getting school clothes this year. She can only have her hammy downs from her male cousins. 

With all the abuse her mother gives her she still tries to please her mother.  Her mother doesn't allow her father to be part of the kids lives anymore so she can't go to him. Her mother remarries but the step father is just as abusive to her as her mother is.

If he sees her cleaning and he looks for reasons to hit her.

 For an example:

She was dusting one day and he tells her she misses a spot and then he kicks her in her back with his boot. She does the laundry and irons their clothing, He gets mad and tells her she put his shirt on the hanger wrong so he goes to her closet and throws everything down and makes her pick it all up but as she is picking it up he hits her in her back with a  wire hanger.

All her life she was told she was to stupid to have anything good in her life. She will never make it in life. Guess what?

She has her OWN business folks!!  Yes that's right! She has her own business With Plexus Slim! 

That young girl is ME!

Yes the good Lord has Blessed Me with my own business Praise the Lord! 

I am so happy and feel so blessed to have this business in my life.  

Anyone can make this their business as well. I'm a living proof of it. I'm on a workmans comp which I get very little income a month. I'm doing this Plexus business and I love it. I'm not working for another company again to make them money. I'm done with the min wages.

Come and Join me 
www.drd.myplexusproducts.com/ Ambassador # 139204

Thank you and God Bless
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  • You must be a very strong woman DeAnn. You are a perfect example to those who blame their upbringing for their problems as an adult.  You have strong character, so you moved on to become a good woman with a good business.  I wish you much success.

  • Wow! What a story of abuse but victory in the end! Wish you great success in your business. Blessings!

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