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ALOUD ~ Newest AI From Google


Hi All,

I am George Pierce and this post is a quick heads-up about ALOUD.  AI will probably be the biggest trend this year, and Aloud may end up at the top of the list.  

What is Aloud?

AI that will translate videos to just about any language you want.  I am not talking about subtitles, we will speak of subtitles in a moment.  Aloud will translate your audio to audio of whatever language you want.  It will do this flawlessly and keep the translation in sync with the video part of your video.  It is still in the Beta stage.  You can get on the wait list now.  When it is rolled out, you can be one of the first to take advantage.



If you want to do subtitles in English or any other language for FREE, Kapwing will give you 10 minutes per month.  

Why should you do subtitles in a foreign language?


When one of your videos stands out, when a video gets lots more views and watch time, and subscribers, consider adding foreign language subtitles and re-publishing it.  For example, the above video has almost 100 hours more watch time than my average video.  When a video is over 10 minutes, you can translate some this month and some the next.  If you have lots of videos that are getting lots of watch time, then a paid upgrade might be worth it.  


Downloading YT videos is no longer free.  Kapwing will still download YT videos for you for FREE.  If you delete your videos after uploading, no problem.  You can insert the video URL and Kapwing will import it to your Kapwing dash.  

Kapwing is a free online video editor.

Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  Visit my YouTube channel for free training.

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  • Top Member

    Thanks for the update George Pierce about this Google tool. Since it's still in Beta, it's probably still got bug issues. They need people to test it out. 

    I'm sure once they get the bugs out, it will good to go. Keep us updated on what you find out. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Based on the reviews,  so far it is working like a dream, based on experience, I am sure you are right.  Thanks, Terri.

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