Become the first to be a part of this revolutionary system that is world-wide. The movement of money creates wealth.


A money system which will replace the fiat currency in which the world is making a drastic change. This gold coin money system was used millions of years ago. 

Dr. Harold Seitz who is also a minister of energy in Germany created this money system to help people build wealth. By saving gold in affordable and economical way. He is very transparent with how the company operates. There are so many locations presently to name a few: China, Dubai, Florida, Singapore, Africa and the list is growing daily.

This system works because one can become a million year by choice. You have an option of either being an affiliate or a customer either way one is still saving and creating wealth.

Presently we are over  570,000 affiliates and growing in over 100 countries, with an out of the world compensation plan in cash and gold, who can top that plan.

We created our first gold standard bank opening it's doors on July 4th 2019. It will be our golden independence day. That is the day millionaires will be created. The world still have the opportunity to be come a part and it is simple. OPEN A FREE GOLD SAVING ACCOUNT, AND START CREATING A LIFE OF FREEDOM.

Our own blockchain which keeps a record of all crypto transactions.

 We are the only company in the world offering cryptocurrency for the first time backed by a solid asset gold.

Also the first and only crypto phone which is fully private. Do the work of a regular cell phone, less fees and all your personal information private.

If you are a business owners you can open a free account and have access to accept crypto currency from your customers. We will create the system for your business of any size.

Karatbars has created a win, win solution for everyone in the world. I have seen regular folks  who are now millionaires. The system is easy to follow.

Let's build wealth together.

Camille Cameron

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  • Hi Chris, thank you so much for your response. You can email me and I can walk you through your back office and update you on what is happening. Everything with Karatbars is moving very fast. And yes it is very easy to create wealth.

  • Sounds like a very interesting place. I have a free account but have not looked at it in a couple of years.

  • Top Member

    Thank you Camille for sharing this information about the opportunity to create wealth with Karatbars. Best wishes and continued success for you. 

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