Are You The Master Of Your Own Kingdom.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill.

 A funny incident happened this morning, I had to take a step back and examine my self. I went on a whole ranting with my son on the external stimulus he listens too constantly. I ranted because he is always misplacing something, for example, his keys, ID, and the list goes on. Although it is apart of being 16 and becoming a master. 

To shift my focus I went to my cell phone looking at my messages. My girlfriend sent me a video of The Joe Rogan Show. He was interviewing Gay Ritchie. My initial taught was I do not listen to these shows, but there is no harm in changing the genre. It was very interesting Mr. Ritchie was speaking about being the master of your kingdom. My son entered the kitchen at that same time while I was listening to the show. His response was,  "You are listening to the exact show I listen to constantly that you describe at unnecessary stimulus"  I was lost for words. While focusing on the content I saw myself.

For the past two years, I decided to transform into becoming the master of my kingdom. In the sense of not letting society dictate who I am or what I am supposed to be in this world. Something about becoming 50, an awakening takes place.  I grew up listing to my parents, teachers in school, priest and all the elder's in the village which created the environment to grow into womanhood. Which is the best experience in life? The flip side is when I leave the roost and start flying and experiencing the true reality of the world which is frightening, and also amazing at times. Unconsciously we now look for places to shield ourselves based on our childhood belief we become gullible.   

I looked for something familiar like the village I grew up in until I was 26 when I decided to fly, something I wanted to do from since an early age. Yes, I found that group/family to call home and I enjoyed another 24 years. To some, it might be an organization, a church or a group. 

As the years crept on I ask myself these following questions.? 

Have I seen life and experienced life from Camille's point of reference or from what I have been thought?

Whose life am I living?

What have I done for humanity through my eyes?

What is my true purpose?

What is the legacy I am leaving for my generation?

How is the essence of my ancestors going to live on?

Am I connected with the divine in me to guide my life?

Do I trust and allowing the divine in me to direct my life?

Do I take responsibility for my actions, my thoughts and the decisions I make?

I had to do some deep soul searching and that has brought me to the place of being a master of my kingdom with lots of gratitude to my teachers along the way.


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  • Active Member

       Camille your post it amazing. 

    We all have to learn to fly at some point. We also must learn if we can't learn to fly about the crushing stones that life throws at is we will be crushed in the wake of what we call our life. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  • Top Member

    This is a very true statement "You can make your life what you want it to be." It's an inside job which I call "personal development" and this is a must to do so you will become the person that will attract positive people into your life. Happy to hear your great news of the progress in your life. Yes gratitude is one thing we all must have. Thank you for sharing your post today Camille. 

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