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I found I had been branding and marketing offline companies and indivudials since my childhood.  For over a year now I have been working at bringing my knowlege from my offline experience online. Those who know me know that is about 34 years. I lost nine years to an accident which took my memory.  

My peers started coming to me at age 17 when it was hard to find a job in the late 70's and working with me to find a way for them to earn based on what they knew. This continued when I was in the Military. My first business was branded and sold quickly because I didn't want to spend the time necessary to keep it going. 

Offline this is also considered personal and company branding. One of the things I have always looked for in people coming to me was their "Why." In many cases if it wasn't strong enough I would explain to them that it didn't appear they had a strong enough reason to be in business for themselves. It took work then and it still does today.

If you are looking for magic bullets they don't exist. Businesses are idea driven and if you can't come up with ideas you aren't going far. If you have a strong why you won't quit at the first or second mistake you make. It takes an ability to learn from mistakes, as well as a willingness to accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes. 

For my first year online most of my work days lasted 20 hours. The internet is different from "real life" in ways and these new ways had to be learned. Although some people considered me a sales person nothing could be further from the truth.

Selling is something I have never had to do. People always came to me looking for solutions to real problems in their lives. They wanted more than a 9 to 5 job. Many worked odd hours for companies and wanted the freedom to pick and choose the hours they worked. 

Not much has changed in that respect. People learn best what they are passionate about. Using a persons passion it is generally easy to find a way to create an income. When someone is passionate they want to share what they know with others. On the internet if you are not willing to share find a J.O.B. (just over broke).

It was no different before the advent of the internet. I gave freely and always received in return. In many cases, in ways I never expected. Zig Ziglar says it best. "Give people what they want and you will get what you want."

Why brand creation?

Consider this, some brands are able to create a whole lifestyle. The one I am most fimilar with is Harley Davidson(TM). In many cases if you buy the product you are buying into the lifestyle.

Suburu(TM) is another. The difference is Suburu owners fall in love with their vehicle. I know I did mine. Suburu shows us even car companies can benefit from being branded. Any idea or concept you can come up with can be branded. 

"When most people think of a brand, they visualize a slogan, a logo, campaign, a promise, or a product. A brand is much more. Your company's brand is a powerful relationship fueled by a loyal belief system and knotted to the principle of providing exceptional value."
Karl Speak

It is hard to create a Harley Davidson type of brand. It took a team years to prefect it. By comparison we create simple brands. Our team does great work. We have not yet proven what sets us apart from others.

Our company websites are designed as simple as possible for a reason. We don't want our websites to outshine any we build for others. We also charge about half of what other branding and marketing companies do until we can prove our worth. 

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  • Thanks for an informative post about branding and marketing as well as yourself! L&S

  • I enjoyed learning more about your background Dennis.  I know you're skilled in branding and marketing, and I recommend your services.

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    Thanks Dr Salvato. I have had people tell me I am an inspiration to them for years now. The thing is if you look you can always find people in worse shape than you are if not constantly at least for a short time. People overcome all kinds of obstacles daily. I personally found a way to make a living doing what I love. Not everyone can say that.  

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    No problem Bessie, the love of my life passed long ago. I thought I had something written with the photographs that explained is it one of our services. Bob and Summer Judd whose photograph it is are in health and wellness. 

  • Oh, Dennis, there I've gotten another lesson on assuming.  My sympathy regarding your late wife. 

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    Thanks Bessie, That is not my wife or I, it is a photo we modifed for a friend. My wife was in a wheelchair and she passed years ago. I learned long ago when you do what you love it doesn't feel like work. 

  • Dennis, I've enjoyed reading your story.  It is an example of doing what you do naturally and loving it.  You are so blessed to have found what is your calling so early in life and to have leveraged it into a profitable life style, too.  Love the picture of you and your wife.  Natural beauty, both of you.

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    Thanks Albert and Tommy. The ability to be different and yet yourself is one of the values of self branding. This can be brought out in a company brand too. An example of this was Suburu(TM) and their love your Suburu campaign. 

  • I've really enjoyed reading your blog Dennis. I will shre this one for you..

  • Dennis we are each unique some may view that as good and some may view it as bad but, I definately march to my own drummer ... I think we each need to conquer our own fears of feeling free to express ourselves (ie getting over that fear of what others might think and such).  The fear of standing apart or alone is a great fear for many and it takes courage ... but then again, I think any thing worthwhile not only takes courage, but persistance, determination and heart.  PS I am glad that you notice a difference ... It is when we dare to risk that we succeed ...

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