Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Plexus Testimonies

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatiguethat can't be explained by any underlying medical condition. The fatigue may worsen with physical or mental activity, The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown, although there are many theories.Fatigue is a common symptom in many illnesses, but CFS is comparatively rare.

  This fatigue is not the kind of tired feeling that goes away after you rest. Instead,  it lasts a long time and limits your ability to do ordinary daily activities.  

The main symptom of CFS is severe fatigue that lasts for 6 months or more. You also have  these other symptoms:  

Feeling unwell for more than 24 hours after physical activity
Muscle pain
Memory problems
Pain in multiple joints
Sleep problems
Sore throat
Tender lymph nodes
cognitive difficulties
 chronic and severe mental  
physical exhaustion 
 other characteristic symptoms  

CFS is hard to diagnose. There are no tests for it, and other illnesses can cause similar symptoms. 
 No one knows what causes CFS. It is most common in women in their 40s and 50s,
 but anyone can have it. It can last for years. There is no cure for CFS, so the goal of treatment is to improve symptoms.   research confirms that CFS is indeed a physical illness — just one that's not fully
 understood. At least 1 million people  in the United States have CFS, and tens of millions more have a CFS-like condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
CFS is a misunderstood and chronic illness, and feeling well is often a challenge.    Because there is no real treatment for CFS, emotional difficulties, such as depression, frustration, anxiety, and helplessness, can develop.
If your child's memory and concentration are affected, the slim can help them in their daily activities. 
Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS can get the help by Plexus Slim  

Here are some testimonies to share with you how it has helped others:

  LaDonna's testimony- what you can see is -20 pounds and going from a 1X and size 16 jeans, to a size 14 dress, to a size 10 pant set... what you can't see is no more  rosacea, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, backaches, eye twitching, taking 2 bayer am to get up and 2 tylenol pm to go to sleep, and 2 to 4 prescription pain pills  just to function, which in all honesty wasn't saying much most days!!!
 No more prescriptions for all of the above... except i'm down to one instead of two blood pressure meds, no more diuretic,  and it's at the lowest dosage. BTW - I'm a plexus girl for life..

  Theresa's testimony- Health benefits are my biggest victory and 60 pounds lost is the icing on the cake. Before Plexus Slim I was bedridden for 5 years with chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia, hashimoto's disease, arthritis and many other undiagnosed diseases. I was in so much pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. Doctors could not help me, they tried. but nothing would even touch the pain and ease it for me.   After suffering with bone spurs, plantar's fasciitis, non-stop menstrual cycle, depression, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, hypersensitivity, migraines, all over  swelling, hair loss, back pain, PCOS, blood sugar issues, brain fog, inability to lose weight no matter what, food allergies, IBS and many other issues I was pretty much  planning my demise at age 41. After using my sister as a guinea pig for a few weeks    on Plexus Slim and seeing her health getting better I decided I really had nothing to  lose so I jumped in with both feet and have not looked back. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Within 30 days on just the Plexus Slim pink drink I knew I  could start looking forward to a bright, healthy, pain free future. I didn't really care  about the weight...I felt good and was out of bed and not crying every day and no    longer stuck in a situation with no way out. Plexus was my answer. I have shared this  with my family and friends and many have decided to allow it to help them too. The
 health benefits have been the most astounding part, helping my dad with his 3 year  battle with gout, helping my sister with her decades of struggles with bi-polar, helping  my mom with energy and fatigue, helping my cousin with diabetes, and the list goes    on and on. 17 of my family members have lost over 500 pounds and that is just the  bonus to all of the health benefits. Please share this precious pink drink with everyone  you love, it might just be their answer. My mom and dad call it "their fountain of  youth" and that touches my heart to see them not only feeling better, but looking younger. Just try it! Stop looking back! You deserve to be healthy and happy.  

Plexus Slim is here to help everyone. If your health is not where you would like it to be.  Plexus has many products that can help. If you would like to know what products can  help you please give me a call or send me a msg anytime. I love to help anyone in any way that I can. Why suffer when Plexus can help with your health issues?

Thank you for reading and God Bless               


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