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Comparing My Personality Vs. My Character

Today I wish to explore the difference between my personality & my character… My personality is who I am when I’m around others… My character is who I am when left alone…

Because of my Sunday School upbringing I learned right from wrong, though I became rebellious & had to learn many of life’s lessons the hard way, I paid the price for that… I’ve known many a difficult time because of my many bad decisions & poor attitude… I had to admit to myself this is not how I wanted to live for the rest of my life...  I knew I truly needed an attitude adjustment…

They say everything happens for a reason… I’ve had many people come into my life & I’ve learned many valuable lessons, both good & bad… I will be eternally grateful for those lessons because they have gradually made living my life much easier… I have a very outgoing personality & I used to feel the need to be the life of the party… I learned that if I became a clown I could still be the life of the party but the party would be on my terms… I will be forever grateful for my “Book of Life”, otherwise known as The Bible… That is what helped me to develop my character & it’s because I developed a gratitude attitude that my personality only improved with practice & age...

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be good to myself today… Today I am reaping the rewards from learning that lesson… I don’t require a lot of material things & find some of life’s greatest treasures in thrift stores… I take comfort in the fact that the items that I purchase there once meant something to someone & gave added value to that person’s life…

I am so grateful for my life as I'm enjoying it today practicing Exraordinary Happyness on a daily basis…

That’s all for now…

Warm regards 'til next time,

from my little world to yours... 
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I am an 82 year old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger and Mentor in Training... I have 31 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn... I've progressed from selfishly mourning the loss of my friend, Tom Barabas to celebrating his very accomplished life and that made me feel better... He brought so much beauty and pleasure into so many lives with his music... You can see more of his music videos on

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    Great read.  Living and learning are integral parts of living.  Once we learn the lessons from our decisions, we clear our path to journey on. Thanks for sharing. 

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    Your enthusiam for life come through in your writings Linda!  Reading your words you can't help but to smile or laugh because happiness is contagious.  I loved the video of the babies there is nothing more beautiful than the laughter of child.  I used to have a daycare and I took pleasure in just watching them play together.  And that was an interesting fact in the second video, only 8% of what we worry about comes true...what a waste of time.  The best time in life is Right Now!

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    A Gratitude Attitude is the only way to be. You're so amazing Linda Michel White 

    I appreciate reading your blog post today and learning a little more about you and your journey in life. Isn't it wonderful how things work for the good when you trust God and keep on believing and having faith in his promises. Can I get an Amen? 

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      So true Terri, a person who can't show gratitude is someone you don't want to be around.  I know in my own life I have much to be grateful for.  And one thing I am grateful for was the opportunity to be a part of IBOToolBox!  Many of the people I met there are now here and it's wonderful to have a place to continue our freindships, partnerships and networking. 

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    An interesting perspective Linda. Your thoughts gave me a lift. Yes, it's more than just okay to be good to yourself. If you're not well oiled and running smoothly then you're in no condition to give others a lift along the way!

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      I agree Tom.  This was a very Uplifting Post, it's all Positivity here.  Your Books continue to a great source of Inspiration, and motivation to me.  As well as a Tools, to look inside and change the habits and thoughts that have been hold you back from your potential.  It truly is inside of you whether you have a life of happiness or a life of dissatifaction.  

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    It is amazing how much we can learn, thanks, Linda. I totally enjoyed your post, thanks for your insights,  Your choice of videos is the best.  Online success has a lot to do with being able to create compelling content that keeps people glued to your page and coming back for more, a gift that you share so well.

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      George, this message is similar to the video you had on YouTube yesterday about Doubt.  That was a very good lesson about removing doubt from from your life and having success. 

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