As affiliate marketers, we have gotten it all wrong. 

We are so focused on finishing the sale that we don't bring the value. 

It can seem that we are focused just making the money. 

And how has that worked out for us? (I'll wait....)

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John Jackson

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  • Top Video Contributor

    Overselling or coming across as 'needy' is a bane for most newbies, thanks, John.

    • That is so truth. I appreciate that. 

  • Top Blogger this week

    Yes John, good copy grabs attention and engages the reader. Rather like this excellent article!

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate that. 

  • Active Member

    This is a valuable Post John.  You don't even want to buy from people who have to constantly pitch the sale.  When you give value and build relationships the sales will come. 

    • Thank you, Robin. We are supposed to allow the content to do the work for us. When you create good ad copy, it just makes the whole process much smoother. 

    • Active Member

      So right John.  And to be honest it's easier to build relationships through your content, than going after people with a sales pitch.  As you said let the content work for you. 

  • Top Member

    BAM! You did it again, this is a sure hit John. This is brilliant information. I remember when I first learned about AIDA and it does work. 

    • Active Member

      So true Terri, I think I learned about AIDA in early 2000.  Copywriting is a skill that some have naturally, but it can also be learned.  One thing I learned about a way to do this is to copy success.  Not to copy word for word put your own personality in it. 

    • Copying something that always works is the better idea. 

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