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“I try not to let OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS, problem me. J. Richard Singleton

You DOWN WITH O.P.P. (Yeah you know me). You DOWN WITH O.P.P. (Yeah you know me). You DOWN WITH O.P.P. was a headbanging jam released in 1991, by the Grammy-winning rap group Naughty By Nature.  In their song, O.P.P refers to OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY and its lyrics are about being unfaithful to your partner.  For the purpose of this post, O.P.P. will refer to OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS. Because some of us have a tendency to jump into relationSHIPS too soon and inevitably inherit OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS, problems that we otherwise wouldn’t have or have to deal with. The truth is, we ALL have problems but oftentimes, O. P. P. can be much more complicated than our own. Can relationSHIPS withstand O.P.P. coupled with our own? Yes, I believe they can but it depends on the depth of their problems. Are there any OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS that you are unwilling to deal with? What are they? OR Are you DOWN WITH O.P.P.?  For this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about being DOWN WITH O.P.P.!!!

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    Your thoughts on this subject is valid, however I have a question for you Valerie R Lathern. 

    Did you think to contact your friend and have a conversation with her, rather then put her business on your blog and out on the internet? Even though you didn't mention any names. You never know, it may just get back to her and she'll see your name attached to this post. Just food for thought. Thank you for sharing your blog post on the Syndication Express blogging platform. Have a great week ahead.

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