Today, as I drove home from work. A thought entered my mind. Emotional eating. I said, I have done this many times. Overwhelmed feelings, and stress can contribute to emotional eating. There are some who state, it does matter what I'm doing I will eat emotionally. It is not the best choice. We grab unhealthy foods that comfort us. Comfort foods like cookies, chips, and candy. These empty calories, may satisfy us for the moment, but it brings such guilt afterwards. I've decided to change my thinking, and identify my triggers. 

What I found, will amaze you. When I become stressed with work, and or home, I grabbed bread, sweets and what every I had in the  pantry. Since I  have started Plexus Slim, this bad habit has reduced. I decided to cut up carrots, apples, tomatoes, and other vegetables to assist me when I'm triggered to eat emotionally. Food items like nuts, berries, and proteins are amazing. The exciting thing, I have learned to cook differently. My menu, for me and my family included, healthier recipes. I have been in the medical field for over 40 years. I have a knowledge base for healthy life styles. However, I chose not to implement, or apply my knowledge. How silly??

Healthy life styles will help prolong your life. Its never to late to start. One day at a time, small changes will make a difference. One of my customers stated, "Since I've started Plexus Slim, I find myself with less cravings, my energy is up and I'm walking. Plexus has motivated me to start excising and I feel better." (DL, RN.) The medical field is holding each of us accountable for our health. It begins with you. Take a look at what needs to be changed in your life and start your healthy journey today. Whether its smoking, overeating, drinking or taking pills for sleep and to wake you up. Its time to make a decision to change.

Plexus Slim has helped my healthy life style. And, I would love to share it with you.

Click the link and begin your healthy journey today.

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  • I can relate to this Carolyn.  My main issue was when I came out of hospital in March I was a smoker when I went in and came out a non smoker, which was a good thing but I have put on so much weight and yes agree it is an emotional thing as well.  Trouble is it is chocolate that I crave all the time and I know it is not because I am hungry or such so I have to make some changes very quickly.  Thanks for sharing.

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    You live and learn Carolyn. Everyone has to make adjustments in life since we're not perfect. I applaud you for making the necessary changes for a healthy lifestyle. Blessings and much success for you. Shared via Syndication automation, Networkedblogs and the SE page on Google.

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