Employee to Online Entrepreneur

Employee to Online Entrepreneur

Employee to Entrepreneur

Employee to Entrepreneur

Making the decision to become being your own boss could be the best decision you take this year !!  So taking the next step from employee to online entrepreneur could be pretty intimidating……

As an employee you had a predictable, stable work schedule. You knew what to expect and had the support of other employees to accomplish daily tasks, but as an entrepreneur you are responsible for the success or failure of your own business.

But, you are also gaining freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to play by your own rules.  Imagine having all that extra time to spend with your family – taking days off when YOU felt like it – extra income to secure your families future …….

Thousands of people start their own business every year.  Some  are not successful, but many of them are. What can we learn from those who successfully made the leap from employee to entrepreneur?

1. Belief

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Confidence and self belief is the driving factor that gets many new and inexperienced entrepreneurs through the learning curve of being their own boss. Simply believing that they can become successful on their own fuels their actions and guides their decisions.  No matter how hard the struggle at the start you just have to keep going and NEVER GIVE UP …..

To make money as an online entrepreneur, you have to be in it to succeed from the very beginning. There can be no doubt, no second-guessing. You have to have every intention of winning.

2. Viable Ideas

Always Plan First

Always Plan First

If you plan to make the jump from employee to online entrepreneur it is smart to have a plan and even smarter to have a plan that’s based on a viable idea. Do your research to ensure there is a market for what you want to pursue.

Having a viable business idea can be the difference in earning an online income quickly, or not at all. Having an idea that works makes it easier to tap into a readymade audience that can support your business plan.  If you are not sure then ask someone that knows about these things.  You will always find someone to give you an answer.  I did my research and am extremely happy with the product I am promoting.  It took a lot of hard work in the beginning but now I see the results of it working I am glad I did not give up.

3. Making a Slow Transition

There are many people who choose to make the leap from employee to online entrepreneur more gradually. Instead of jumping all in, they begin working from home part-time and gaining the experience and income they need to stay afloat until they can replace their paycheck at their current job.

While this can be stressful, and for some unrealistic – having the ability to fall back on a steady paycheck as you grow your business is the only option for many people.

However, if you are serious about giving up your  9-5 J.O.B, you make the sacrifice, and once your business begins to replace what you are making at your job, you can comfortably leave your job and become your own full time boss.

It doesn’t matter which way you choose to make the jump from employee to online entrepreneur, it begins with a decision and a plan. You must have a dream and a goal.  Be smart, take action, and have the confidence to go after the success you desire. Most people become entrepreneurs because they want to have more control over their lifestyle. They want more flexibility, more time, and more financial freedom. Whatever your reason is, the bottom line is that you will simply have to go for it!

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