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Flirting With The Stars

Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business

by Joseph Tom Riach

Vivid Views  is my series of articles, blog posts and press releases show-casing my work as an author and reflecting my many years in business and self-employment. They are a blend of my real life experiences, professional insights, personal views and fun stories.
My hope is that in them you find enlightenment and inspiration.                                 'Flirting With The Stars' is the 5th in the series.

  Michael Caine, the film star, tells the story of being seated in his own restaurant in London one evening when he was approached by a slightly tipsy diner on his way to the men's room. “I thought this place was supposed to be full of famous movie people?” challenged the man. “Well, what am I then?” replied Michael good humouredly. “You're the owner,” said the man, “You don't count.”

  “Okay,” said Michael, “Then who is that sitting at the corner table?” The man turned and stared long and hard at the gent referred to by Michael. Eventually he said, ”I don't know.” Michael replied, “That's Tom Cruise,” and continued, “Who is is that standing at the bar?” Again the man took a long and earnest look at the figure pointed out. Eventually he repeated the same answer, “I don't know.” Michael enlightened him with, “That's Clint Eastwood.” At that the man just shrugged his shoulders and tottered on to his date with nature in the gents'.

  A short time later the diner, on his way back from the men's room, again passed Michael seated at his table. This time he didn't stop but simply called over, “And there's no-one famous in the toilets either!”

  The moral of this fun story is two fold. People only see what they want to see and frequently fail to see opportunities plainly presented to them. Michael Caine, on the other hand, is famous for inevitably recognising opportunities and saying 'yes' to everything. As a result he has worked in his chosen profession of movie acting, a notoriously insecure one, nonstop throughout the years. He is also known as being a joy to work with and a stickler for detail. He prepares for all of his roles, large or small, meticulously and diligently.

  As an entrepreneur or self-employed business person you should do the same. Be alert and on the watch for opportunities at all times. The best way to do this is to have a reputation for reliability and quality of performance, just as Michael Caine does. Know yourself, your business, your industry and the people in and around it inside out. Then the opportunities will come your way.

  Also be excellent at what you do. Areas to give absolute priority to are -

  Sales - This is what brings in the money. Do your selling yourself. You're the best person for it.

  Finance - Keep tight control of your money. Personally manage it. Never let anyone else have access to your cash.

  Personnel - Delegate and employ by all means but use only people you trust implicitly. Better to employ no-one at all rather than someone you don't trust.

  Adherance to these three points is critical to your succes. Believe me, I've been there.

  I've also been to Michael Caine's restaurant. He wasn't there but Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood were. They didn't recognise me.

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. 

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FLIRTING WITH THE STARS  is an original copyright Tom Riach feature.
I hope you enjoyed this Vivid View and found it to be of value.
To learn more please visit me on my Author Page.
See you there! Regards, Tom.

© Copyright Joseph T.Riach 1998-present. All rights reserved.
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    I read it the other day and didn't comment because I wanted to read it again. The moral of the story is one people reading should remember.
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      I'd caution against treating media 'celebrities' as sources of wisdom Terri, far from it, but there are occasional exceptions. Caine is down to earth, displays humility and humour. I like his restaurant story, it provides a nice backdrop to the simple, but very significant, lessons of my article.
    • Top Member
      Yes great lessons in your article and I totally agree that some celebrities are not wise at all. As you pointed out there are exceptions for some celebrities, and the wisdom comes from life lessons or experiences.
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