We’ve all heard the term “over-thinking.”  We’re humans, and we often think about things too much.  Our over-thinking can often actually stand in the way of our success. 

Of course, we don’t want to act foolishly or never think things through.  Over-thinking, however, can prevent us from doing actual work! 

We all know people who constantly talk about what they plan to do, but they never get around to doing anything.  Over-thinkers have read over the company’s websites a million times and reviewed every bit of literature the company offers.  They think they must know the answer to every possible question that may come up in their business. 

You definitely want to be informed of all the basics of your business, but you do NOT have to know everything there is to know before you begin working.  You should know how to navigate your websites so you can find answers when you’re asked a question.  In fact, you NEVER will know everything there is to know about your business!  Simply know how to find answers or who to contact for answers. 

Those who are making money with their network marketing business are the ones who learned the basics and then got to work.  They took action almost from the day they joined.  

As we begin interacting with prospects – online or face-to-face – we learn what works and what does not.  Sure, you will likely make some mistakes, but you’ll get past them and keep striving for success. 

So, don’t think too hard!  Get out there and take action!  You’ll have on-the-job training, your knowledge will grow over time – and so will your paycheck! 


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  • Thanks to you all for the nice comments on this blog.

  • Excellent post Julie, have shared for you.

  • I say just get in there and do it,God made you who you are,so be yourself.

  • Thank you all for the great feedback.

  • Excellent PR with some great tips and advice.  Shared for you.

  • Thanks for the reminder! I tend to get "analysis paralysis" so this is good for me to remember.

  • Excellent article Julie!  It's too easy to get caught up in information overload and not get any thing done.  So, it's true, "to be successful" you shouldn't think so hard, just get to work.  Thanks for sharing. Liked and Shared.

  • Thank you so much Terri.

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    Julie this is a really great post and I have posted it on the Syndication Express blog. Now it has being shared to several of my groups on Facebook and it will get a lot of exposure. It has been tweeted out and shared on Google plus too. Keep up the great writing and it is so good to see you today. Glad to have you in the community.

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