Four Tips For YouTube Video Marketing

Four Tips For YouTube Video Marketing


Youtube Video Marketing Is Becoming A Popular Way To Get Seen

YouTube Video Marketing is now one of the most popular places on the internet today and you will find that people are spending more and more time on there now, sharing, liking and commenting on each others videos.  There are millions of people on the site daily making it THE place to use as a platform to reach out to potential customers for their business.  I have listed four tips below to help you attract the right people to your videos that could also help you in your rankings with Google because as you know Google owns YouTube as well.


1)      Quality Content for YouTube Video Marketing

            I am sure you have come across some videos that you never watch to the end as you don’t find them very interesting, so it is crucial that you offer valuable content and the first few seconds are the most important as you want to grab the viewer’s attention, so make that first few seconds about your offer sound curious so that they want to carry on watching and then offer your valuable information so that people want to share, like and comment on it.

2)      Keywords Are Essential

            It doesn’t matter how good your video is – if you don’t have the correct keywords then people are not going to find you.  So it is always advisable to do a bit of keyword research and once you have found the keywords, you want try and place the main keyword at the beginning of the title of the video.  Always place your website url at the beginning and end of your description and always use your keyword in the description as well.  Then put your keywords in the tags in speech marks “-“.  Therefore once people start searching for that keyword then they are going to find you and you are more likely to get more views and shares.

3)      Video Length

There is no right or wrong length for a video but I would say that anything from one to four or five minutes is always a good way to start as people’s attention span doesn’t normally last longer than that, especially if it is a video that doesn’t capture your attention, otherwise viewers are not going to listen to the end and that is where you want to give your call to action.

4)      Make It Fun

            Don’t be too serious when making your video.  It is OK to have a bit of a laugh and a joke and just have fun.  I am sure you have seen many videos that have great content and the person making the video will have a bit of a joke to add in which makes them look like a “real” person.  If you are too serious on a video it will show and can often end up not being a good video.  Just be yourself and have fun making those videos.  So if you want to get noticed on YouTube just follow the tips above and subscribe to other peoples channels where you can share their videos which will almost always lead to your videos being shared giving you more exposure to your business.  One of the things people are always wanting to know are the “How To ……….” videos which are likely to get a lot of exposure as I know from experience if I want to know how to do something I go straight to YouTube.

Have fun and success recording your videos and if you found this post helpful please comment and share.

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