Get To The Core Concept Of Career Management

Get To The Core Concept Of Career Management

Planning ahead is one of the key stages of career management. Read on to find out how it fits into your career plan.

Career management is a nice word to hear. You hear words like project management, office management, people management and in the same vein you hear about career management too. Sometimes it is easy to get away with using these buzz words but not really know what it means. Since it is cool, or it used to be cool, to tag the word management to anything and everything, it is possible that you may have a wrong idea about career management.

Ideas and concepts such as career management are like iceberg. So much of the things that are associated with it, like the benefits, way to do it, way to execute it is all hidden below the water. On the outset, it seems simple enough but once you start digging a little deeper, you will see how complicated all of it is. Does this mean, you should stay away from it? Not really.

When you see that something is complicated, like career management is, it is just another way of admitting that you don’t know much about it yet. No topic in this world remains complicated as long as you take the time and patience to actually understand the concept. This is how you must deal with a tricky topic like career management. With understanding comes the confidence to actually implement this career tool for a better future.

Only The Brilliant Succeed

This is one of those older than dirt sort of misconceptions about careers. Folks think that anyone who has excelled in earning his skills like the highest score while graduating or the best certifications are the ones who will walk away with the best jobs and have the best pay prospects. There is a certain amount of credit that needs to be assigned to those who worked to earn their skills. There is no escaping that.

However, that is probably a half or in some scenarios, quarter portion of the merry story. The rest of it always and will remain the domain how one presents themselves. You keep hearing stories about how some seriously under powered folks end up climbing the highest echelons of corporate ladder.

This is not because that they had some influence or some secrete power. This happens simply because they simply how to use and communicate effectively the limited skill sets they possess.

We hear stories about how we only use ten percent our brain capacity. Similarly, companies don’t really want you to hundred percent in your abilities. As along you can use your existing ten percent to give them the results they are looking for, that is good enough. What these folks who are progressing faster than the rest are doing is career management. They are simply better at it and it clearly shows.

Plan Ahead

Companies rise and fall, just like empires. The same can be said of all our jobs. Unless you are in one of those jobs like being a doctor or a lawyer, where things pretty much remain the same all the time, you need to prepare for change. With lawyers, they will always have disputes to handle and doctors will always have people to cure and diseases to find cure for.

Unfortunately, not all jobs have this luxury. There was a time when the retail industry was booming and growing through the roof. Now though, thanks to inevitable rise of online retail, it seems to everybody that the classic brick and retail has all but disappeared. When these retail companies eventually close shop, everybody who was part of that industry will be jobless.

When things like this happen, there will be some causalities. Some folks though will make it out of this downfall without a hint of any damage. These are the folks who were always on their, constant vigilance on their jobs, industry and the economy in general.  That is what you should do too. An important of career management is being able to see where you are, be content with what you have. At the same time, always have an eye towards the future.

Don’t Stop Learning

This is where it all comes and closes. With career management, the only way you can prepare for the future is by learning. If you want to stay ahead of all possible hurdles, you have to learn new skills. This means, going back to school. Not literally, but continuing to keep yourself updated by jointing training sessions and courses.

Some of this may eventually not become useful because the expected future may never come. Then again, if it does come, you will be prepared for it.

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