Getting the Most Out of Website Developmen

Getting the Most Out of Website Developmen


When getting started with website development, it’s always important to strategize SEO tactics. Developing your website takes time and requires attention that otherwise could be used in developing other key areas of your business but is always worth doing. Using our key data research points and scrubbing through vast amounts of analytic metrics, Project 80/20 proves that website development is key to bolstering your chances of ranking high on Google.


Strategy Over Luck

When it comes to developing your company’s website creating a website that matches your target customer is the most necessary thing you can do. When a customer arrives on your website, they’re expecting usability similar to their consumer demands. Meaning that if they’re shopping they expect to be able to see all of your company’s products. If they’re browsing for services, your website should list in full detail all if the services your company offers. Website Development involves putting yourself in the consumers shoes and looking from a new perspective to create your company’s best website design.


User Experience over Keyword Stuffing

In SEO, it’s common practice to find the best keywords that match your consumer search intent and fill your website with those terms. Often though, in website development and design, many developers will stuff their pages with keywords and create roadblocks to connecting with their customers. They will create walls of texts that don’t ask to be read, they will fill their website with pages that do not need to exist and they will push posts that show off keywords instead of the services they’re selling. Google recognizes that user experience is related to good website design and awards those websites with higher rankings accordingly.


Practice Patience

Growth takes time. Many times, companies will grow impatient when they’re not hitting their goals and blame low website traffic for it. Of course all business want more website traffic but when developing the best website, patience is key. The average website takes up to a year or more to rank on the first page of Google for any particular keyword. When companies to begin to practice good SEO website design, they will see an increase in website traffic like they’ve never imaged. So when designing a website, remember that the best rewards are reserved for those companies that can wait for them.


Write Good Content

What makes Good Content for your Website?

  • Content should be clear and concise
  • Content should include topical keywords related to your consumers habits
  • Content should be easy and fun to read

Starting with the clear and concise bullet point, consider website design like creating a company roadmap. If you’re reading a map, you’d want text that’s easy to understand with relevant images leading you to your end goal.

When ranking your company’s website on Google, it’s important to research and design a plan to target keywords relevant to your consumer needs. Keywords should range from hard to get short tail all the way to easy to rank long tail keywords.

No good writer become a bestseller without first crafting prose that were both fun and easy to read. The content and copy on your website shouldn’t be an exception. design website copy to match your keyword intent without sounding like a robot wrote it.


SEO is a Long Term Strategy

Always remember, when choosing an SEO company to design your next website or improve upon your current website, to set goals and plan for road bumps along the way. An website development SEO company works to breathe new life into your company and while the new designs may match Google’s algorithm, it may still take time for your company to improve their rankings.

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    I go by user experience Sam. None of us hang around a site that irritates us and with complex navigation. I'm amazed to find most days, sites of major organisations which do not conform to those basic criteria. They are a turn-off. Your article will help many site owners to avoid the same fate!

  • Top Video Contributor

    SEO is the best way to generate traffic, thanks, Sam.

  • Top Video Contributor

    SEO is the best way to generate traffic, thanks, Sam.

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the subject that people must know. 

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