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God Nudges - In Appreciation of Friends

My imagination got the best of my attention today...  I was looking something up on & noticed a post by my friend, Microdac...  Since his posts are usually thoughtful & interesting I had to watch his latest video...  He's a photographer & he has allowed me to use many of his beasutiful photos in my posts...  They sometimes include the music of his talented cousin, Leslie Butler of Miami but they always include some of his marvelous photos...  Those two make a great team...  I hope to see more of that in the future...  Meet my friends,

Microdac (Dave Clarke) & his cousin, Leslie Butler...  

 This was one of my first memories of Microdac...  I have always loved their version of this song...  It will always be special to me...  As for Microdac himself, my opinion of him is he lives a humble, minimalistic life...  A Navy veteran, as long as he has his camera, the beauty of Norfolk Botanical Gardens to stroll, the ability to meet the visitors & take his amazing photos he is a happy man...  One of his favorite expressions is, Think for yourself...  Lesson well learned, Dave...  

I understand what you mean when you speak of being looked down on by family...  No one, not even my family will be allowed to tell me how to live my life...  They know so little about me since I left home & I don't agree with them on many things so I'm better off living my life on my terms...  They don't consider when I struck out for my freedom I divorced the totally disfunctional side of my family because they can't accept me for who I am...  I don't miss the disfunction...  These days I choose to live among people who respect me for who I am  :D
My appreciation to be able to live my life as I enjoy it has become my priority in over 31 years of sobriety...  I've been practicing Extraordinary Happyness for that many years thanks to the influence of all my friends...  :D 

BTW, absolutely beautiful video...  I now have another favorite...  Thank you both for your collaberation...  You made my day...  :D

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I am an 82-year-old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger & Mentor in Training... I have almost 32 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn... I've progressed from selfishly mourning the loss of my friend, Tom Barabas to celebrating his very accomplished life and that made me feel better... He brought so much beauty and pleasure into so many lives with his music... You can find his music videos on youtube under Tom Barabas...

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    Hello Linda and thank you for your post. I thoroughly enjoyed both videos. His message is a good one and I feel the sincerity along with his integrity. I will definitely be looking up his Youtube channel. Thank you Linda for adding so much value to the SE community.

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    Think for yourself indeed Linda! I'm delighted to see you back, on fire and bursting with inspiration. Quality input, full of enthusiasm is a rare asset, one for all readers to treasure and enjoy! I like the different pieces of music you come up with - they never fail to delight and surprise.

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      Tom, thank you so much for the warm welcome back to SE...  My mind has been absolutely spinning with new thiughts of what should be my next topic ...  I've missed all my friends for lack of my computer...  My daughter gave me my first computer when she got a new one back in the 90's...  I will always be greateful to her for that...  For me that was life changing...  That made it so much easier for me to express my thoughts & keep a record of them...  More self education!  I'm still loving it...  I'm need to practice another lesson I learned...  To get back on your feet you must get up off your butt...  :D  I love music & I'm so glad you enjoy my selections...  Music to me should be diverse, just like the people I welcome into my life...  :D

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      Divorce from the dysfunctional and unsupportive side of the family (or anyone else who falls into that category) is a courageous move Linda, one which few people are prepared to make - even when they know it's called for. Yet, as you state, and I know well also, it is hugely rewarding. It frees your spirit to grace both your own life and the lives of all who are prepared to accept and truly appreciate you.

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      Well stated Linda, nothing but positives. I like that!

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