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Have You Tried Imgur? It is FREE.

Fq4FEhU.jpgThe above image is one of over 4K images that I have personally uploaded to Imgur.



Imgur is an image storage site, that I have used for years. 

It is free and possibly the best site for storing images. 

It will store just about any kind of image format as well as GIF's.


The reason for this post is that I am redoing an email campaign and I was searching for 

this image, an old logo.  


Why use image storage?

Image storage is probably not for everyone.

Who is it for? 

For those people who use a lot of images online such as for web pages, emails, social media, posts, etc.

The reason for storing images on a site other than your own is to help your pages to load faster,  

The speed that your pages load is a part of the Google algorithm.  In fact, since the majority of people that

use the Internet are using their phones, page speed is a MAJOR consideration. 


If you need help with page speed, visit Google Speed  

You will find Google PageSpeed Insights, which will measure your page speed and more.  You will

also find helpful page speed tools, suggestions, and advice. 


The bottom line is that if you are using your web host for storing a lot of images, you are unintentionally

slowing things down.  If you are relying on SEO (on-site SEO) for free traffic, as I do, slow-loading pages

will undo your efforts.  Google is going to send your visitors to faster-loading sites.  


Image storage is super easy!

You can actually drag and drop images from images sites such as Pixabay to Imgur or GIFs from sites such

as GIPHY.  


Take a moment to identify your image, especially if it is an image that you might be using regularly such as 

a logo.  The reason is that Imgur has an internal search available and therefore you can quickly find the image that 

you need.

To visit Imgur:


The following are a few of the Imgur images that I hope you will enjoy.


















Thanks for reading, much success on your Internet journey.

George Pierce

PS.  For free affiliate marketing help, information and training,

I invite you to visit my YouTube channel.



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  • Top Commentor

    Thanks George, I've picked up a couple of very useful tips in this article. Not unusual coming from you of course but none-the-less always welcome and much appreciated.

  • Top Member

    I haven't seen this site for storing images. How long have they been your go to for storing your images? I have checked it out already. Looks great. Thanks George Pierce for sharing this awesome tool.  

    • Top Video Contributor

      Allow me to add that I do not believe Imgur should be used as an image source, however, due to copyright issues.  Thanks, again, Terri.

    • Top Member

      Thank you for the info. However my intent is to use it for storage purpose. I have two others that I use as well. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Perhaps 10 years.  Every image that I have ever stored on Imgur is still there.  You can also use it as a traffic source, turn a video into a GIF, for example (on GIPHY), and post and link on Imgur.  Also Pins, funny images, quotes, etc, Imgur gets a lot of traffic.  Thanks, Terri.

    • Top Member

      Okay and thanks for the information George Pierce 

This reply was deleted.