Healthy Season To Fat to Fly

Well, I'm one who is to fat to fly. So I decided to look into a product that would help me become healthier than I am. After my review of many weight loss products. My sisters and I decided to Join Plexus Slim. It is what we needed. Plexus Slim, is a program that won't not make you feel, that every place you go, eating becomes a challenge. Plexus what is this? Plexus slim is a drink that is poured into 16 to 20 ounces of water. Once you dilute for powder you are good to go. The drink taste just like kool-aide. It is all natural products full of energy. 

Many of our issues with weight loss products is restriction. But, this company claims you can continue with what you are doing no exercise, nothing. This was the plan for me. However, I have started an exercise program and even hired a personal training. For me, it is the season for health mental and physical. I wanted to share this program with others who are struggling with their weight. Who better to share than someone like me in the struggle. My sisters and I have just started one month in and we have lost 26 pounds between us.

We found this product so great that our families are now participating it is the season of healthy thinking. Now, this may not be for you, but if you know your body is not healthy and the doctor has been speaking to you on issues that affect your health, then at least look for yourself. After your review if its not the weight loss program you need than find one that is and start. I shared Plexus Slim with my Director of Physical Therapy she reviewed the products and started right away. Don't let your old past diets and failures prevent you from taking a look. I have to tell you there is no way I would promote this product if I did not try it for myself. I'm so excited and glad I did.


My sister and I have a friend that works at Joe's Crab Shack in Ventura, California she was very heavy when we went back to the restaurant she was very small down to a size 6. We were excited for her and shocked. So of course my sister and I had to take a look. We fell in love right away. Just a tip we partnered with others she knows that are using the product and decided to become one of the Ambassadors. Today's decisions are tomorrows realities.

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Have a Healthy week

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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  • That's great news. Something I must look into now. I have been a life long smoker but after coming out of hospital in March I haven't wanted to smoke. 6 weeks now BUT I have put on a lot of weight and need to do something about it. Thanks for sharing it's given me a bit of motivation.
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    I'm very happy for your great news Carolyn. That's an awesome testimony. When you make a decision, take action to make it a reality. Shared it everywhere so more can read and know about Plexus Slim. Keep on doing it sister. You're the best!

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