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Home Alone

Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business”Home Alone" is the second in my 2022 series of articles based on my real life experiences, professional insights, personal views and fun stories. My hope is that in them you find joy and inspiration.

by Joseph Tom Riach

   Do you ever feel 'home alone', as in being lonely? Do you know what is loneliness? I ask because many people have a hard time differentiating between being physically alone and being mentally alone. To them both are one and the same thing. Their physically alone equals mentally alone equals loneliness, restlessness, inert distress.

  Those who relate to that definition of loneliness tend to fix it, by going out, being around people and charging up their metaphorical batteries through social contact. This is fine to a point … yet there's a difficulty with it too. Because, where their unease stems from a deeper emptiness of the soul, such banal interaction can simply make matters worse.

  Ongoing superficial physical company without a lot of actual emotional, mental, inner or somehow closer contact leaves a pretty bad seed in your well-being - even if that company is only sporadic. You don't feel secure, safe or understood through it. It takes its toll on your spiritual character. In that case, being alone might well be the lesser evil. A good thing in fact.

  So first understand that being alone isn't necessarily bad. Far from it. Recognise the good which solitude can do to create calm within yourself. You may not need a lot of social contact anyway - and certainly not of the superficial, meaningless kind. The truth is that you can do fine on your own. People most relaxed in their own personalities and life in general will often tell you how much they enjoy their own company … most of the time. The rest of the time they seek out opportunities and relationships with which to satisfy their more profound emotional and intellectual needs. You can do likewise.

  When thus satisfied you become self aware, content and relaxed. Your balanced psyche feels nourished at all levels. You sit at ease with both solitude and social company. You'll tend to shun the superficial, seek out meaningful relationships and embrace life's simple pleasures. You'll be a better person for it. You need never feel 'home alone' again.

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. 

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HOME ALONE  is an original copyright Tom Riach feature.
I hope you enjoyed this short article and found it to be of value.
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  • Top Member

    Thank you, Tom, for your insight about solitude...  You described my years of sobriety & why I feel so strongly about my education...  One of the first things I learned was I wanted to live my life among the doers, not the dreamers...  There's nothing wrong with dreaming but I find joy in doing that which I dream about...  That gives me a great feeling of accomplishment & a sense of growth & pride in the way I now live my life as opposed to listening to those who never accomplish anything because they're trapped in their addictions...  By the Grace of God I have now enjoyed over 31 years of sanity & I have formed relationships with people I respect & admire...  I have earned my self respect...  I think that is one of my greatest assets...  Thank you for sharing...  You have helped to inspire me to write a new blog post, Happy New Year!  :D  Your forever friend, Linda...      

    • Top Commentor

      Earning your self-respect ... that says it all Linda. Expecting respect, and other hand-outs too, while doing nothing to earn, or deserve, it is no way to progress. As you have discovered, effort is required on all our parts in order to achieve those things in life which we desire. Loneliness can come from driving people away through intemperate behaviour, wisdom and calm can result from thoughtful solitude of the healthy kind. Thanks again for your input Linda, it's an absolute delight to hear from you.

  • Top Commentor

    Tom, I'm almost done with "The Road To Joyful Living", I am on Chapter 22 and I loved it.  Once again the lessons and PowerPoints, show the way to accomplish what the title says.  I find it very useful to have that quick reference to find something.  The lessons really do show you how to relax and start enjoying life. The only person who can make your life what you want is you and that is a lesson, for that resonates in all your Books.  

    The Downside is coming to the end of the Book.  But it's okay because I got my copy of "Mastering The Art Of Making Money", ready to open when I'm done.    

    • Top Commentor

      The upside for me Robin is to know that my books are adding value to your life and, yes, increasing your ability to relax and be at ease with yourself. In that state we can all achieve just as much (or as little)! in our endeavours as we choose to. PS Let me know which of my books, and in what formats, you now have.

    • Top Commentor

      The real value Tom, is the lessons teach you how to find the talents in yourself,  to acheive your dreams, aspirations, and goals.  I know people may think it's Cheesy, but the Movie, "The Wizard Of Oz" contains many motivational messages.  But the one that resonates with me, is at the end, when each of the Characters, found out that what they were looking for was already in their possession. Money is definitely the end goal for many reasons, for me it's the independence it will bring and being able to help others.  As well as support causes that dear to me.  However, the lessons in your books prepare you both physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with success when it comes. 

      Because I know having money and not knowing what to do with it, is not much different than having no money at all.  We see that over and over with people who win millions on the Lottery, then in a short time end up broke.  Another thing, I really love that Song, "That's Life", especially that one refrain, "Pick yourself up and get back in the race"

      I am happy to say have:  "The Simplest Sales Strategy", "The Secret World of Self Employment", "The Road To Joyful Living" and "Mastering The Art Of Making Money".  They are all in paperback format.  

    • Top Commentor

      Thanks for that Robin. I'll get back to you.

  • Top Video Contributor

    I guess that I am blessed or lucky to not be able to relate to loneliness.  Loneliness, like all negative thoughts, has no benefit and only brings us down. I appreciate your revealing that most ways to deal with loneliness are superficial.  Being relaxed in our own personality will send loneliness running along with many other negative thoughts, as well.  Negative thoughts are cowards-grin.  Thanks, Tom.

    • Top Commentor

      Yes George, those of us brought up to positive ways of thinking and living are unlikely to experience loneliness or boredom. I never have, you likewise. I write of it only because so many people in modern life seem to lose their way in that respect. As I've written often, life is too short, too exciting, there is so much to do, so much value to give, for there to be time to be lonely or bored! 

  • Top Member

    Great title for your post Tom Riach The word "lonely" conjures up multiple images in your mind. As you stated in your blog post "many people have a hard time differentiating between being physically alone and being mentally alone." People will learn a lot from your write up today. 

    • Top Commentor

      In my previos response Terri, I mentioned 'solitary existence' - this should have read 'solitary activity'. Once I put my my pen down - it's all change! :-)

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