How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing


So if you're an entrepreneur or affiliate marketer, you need traffic traffic. 

That doesn't just mean people hanging around your site or sticking around for a few minutes

You will need REAL traffic...

Real traffic as in people interested in your content  and what you are promoting.

When you get real consistent traffic, the money will come.

The key to traffic is offering value and you will be rewarded for that value with commissions and sales. 



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John Jackson

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  • Top Blogger this week

    An excellent read John which rightly highlights the need to offer value to customers with whom you have established a trusting relationship.

    • Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate that. 

  • Top Blogger this week

    Yes John, real traffic is key. A business with only fake customers is no business at all. Does a business owner want ten genuine clients to spend all his time on or one hundred dodgy time wasters to ... er well ... waste his time.! You express the points excellently.

  • Top Member

    You covered everything in your blog post on the subject on getting traffic for affiliate marketing. Again you have a fantastic blog and I wish you continued success. 

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