businessman watchMost network marketers build their business Part-Time due to the fact that they have a job Full-Time. Some of them work 40 hours, 50 hours as much as 80 hours per week on their Full-Time job. The problem that they face is a LACK of time to get their daily tasks done. As I speak to my networking friends I hear a lot of them say "I don't have the time or I wish I could go Full-Time to get my daily tasks done." In this blog post I'm going to go over what you can do to maximize your time in your business.

My good friend and mentor Ray Higdon said it best, "If you can't build this business Part-Time, you can't build it Full-Time." He is absolutely correct making this statement. If you can't find the time to get your daily tasks done, image if you had 12-14 hours available to you? Most would say, "NOW I can get the work done because I have more time to do it." The reason why I agree with Ray Higdon is because those same people that state they don't have the time to prospect, market, generate leads, watch trainings, etc..... are just not organized. And if they were to go Full-Time, without organization your day will be wasted.

The first thing you should start off with is a notebook. In this notebook you need to write down your schedule from Monday through Saturday or if you have MASSIVE DESIRE Monday through Sunday. In this schedule you need to set aside times that you will be prospecting, marketing, reading emails, watching training's, weekly company calls, etc...... In order to maximize your time you MUST schedule your time so that you can get your work done.

Now some business owners claim that they get home to late to call prospects, watch training video's, listen to weekly company calls, etc..... This has to do with your Mindset and why you are in the business. You need to ask yourself WHY am I building this business? Your WHY has to be strong enough to stay up all night watching training video's, marketing your business, etc....... When your WHY is strong enough, you don't have time to waste nor time to complain about how much time you DON'T have. 

My best advice is to partner up with your upline leader and talk about how they schedule their day to get their work done. Remember if your goal is to go Full-Time, then you need to be more responsible and committed to your time management because if you don't YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR WORK DONE. Let me explain how the TOP leaders schedule their day. Before I start, try calling your upline leader a couple of times per week at different times then call your business partner ( if he/she is not Full-Time ) a couple of times a week at different times. You should see a difference, your upline leader may NOT pick up the phone and your business partner most likely WILL pick up the phone 100% of the time.

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What's the difference? Most would say that they upline leader is busy with their team and can't get to the call but the business partner to trying to get like the upline leader so they are not as busy. WRONG ANSWER! A top upline leader schedules their time to take phone calls, check emails, read books, make prospecting calls, market their product, make team training calls, etc....... You see the difference is Discipline! 

The top leaders schedule their time and don't do anything else while completing that particular task. While they are checking emails they are NOT taking phone calls, while they are watching training video's they are NOT checking their emails, while they are marketing their products they are NOT making prospecting calls and while they are making prospecting calls they are NOT putting together their slides for a presentation that night. The point here is that Leaders schedule their interruptions while Part-Time network marketers get interrupted ALL THE TIME, which is why they can't get their work done.

If you find that you don't have time, make prospecting calls at your lunch break, follow up with your prospects on your way home from work, get up 1/2 hour earlier to send emails to your list, stay up 1 hour later to watch training video's to help transform your business. I hope you now understand what Ray Higdon said about going Full-Time with your Network Marketing business.

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