facebook image 2Welcome to Part 2 of the FaceBook training where I show you how you can Attract and build your list. If you haven't gone through Part 1, you need to view the Blog Post here before looking at the rest of this training. If you have gone through Part 1 then you can continue on this post. Because there was so much to cover I did my first Google Hangout to share my screen for Part 2.


There are 2 very important areas to Attract and Build your List on Facebook


1. In Part 1 I talk about how important your profile should look like and the information in your Bio so that you can Attract your Target market. If you haven't read my post on Target Market Click HereThe number 1 important area you need to focus on is adding friends that are in your Target Market. Ask yourself do you want Network Marketers as your friends or do you want some other audience as your friends? This is an important question because if you are talking to the right people you will have better success. You can find your Target Audience in groups such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many more Public Figures. Also join groups such as Network Marketing, Home Based Business, Work From Home, etc etc


2. In these groups pull up the members and take a peek at their profile to see if they are someone you want to become friends with. You need to look to see if they are in the Network Marketing field, if your company is Only in the US, make sure that they are not in a country that your company is not in, take a look at their wall and see what they are posting, etc etc. You don't want to spend all day looking at other people's profile but you need to pick and choose. Lastly you need to ASK for permission to ADD them as your friend. DON'T JUST ADD PEOPLE AS FRIENDS WITHOUT PERMISSION OR YOU WILL BE THROWN IN FACEBOOK JAIL!!! Always ask if you can request them as friends and if they say YES then you can send the request. FaceBook is a Relationship building social website NOT a spamming website.


Watch the video below as I demonstrate how to ADD friends and what Groups to look in:

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P.S. If you want to know how NOT to be THROWN in FaceBook Jail, watch this webinar



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  • Great learning post, So much information thanks for sharing this. I will be visiting this again to absorb all your information about facebook marketing. liked and shared.

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