facebook image 3Congratulations, after this training you will have Graduated! This is the final part for using Facebook to market your MLM. In Part 1 I talk about the importance of your profile, pictures and Bio. If you haven't checked it out click here. In Part 2 I talk about the proper way to invite friends and where to find them. If you haven't checked it out click here. Now in the final Part 3 I will finish up the most important step to market on Facebook. Btw, read all the way through at the end of this post I have a Bonus for you.

What to write on your wall

Before I dive into this, if you watched Part 1 & 2 you should have 20+ friends, inbox full of people giving you permission to friend them, added 10+ groups for your Target market and your profile complete.

Now where most people make the mistake is they post their link for their primary company so that everyone can see it. Wrong! The easiest and quickest way for people to unfriend you is to post your company link. You should be posting Valuable content that your Target Market is looking for. Such as inspirational quotes from public speakers, or books of personal development, picture quotes and blog posts or articles that are of Value. If you want to know what Value you should put out into the marketplace, ask yourself "What am I looking for?". Your target market is looking for Leadership, More leads, More Cash flow and More Traffic to their site, So Deliver That!

What to post in groups

If you think that you should post Valuable content on your wall but Spam the groups You're Wrong. This is another way for people to unfriend you and/or stop following you. In these groups the same rules apply for what's listed above about what to post on your wall. People in the groups are mostly spamming but you must be different and stand out by delivering nothing but Pure Value. Remember what does your Target audience want? Deliver that! I also recommend that you write some kind of article that gives Value and this can generate leads for your business. I'm not stating that you must be a Blogger but you should put out some content because it stays out there. Another reason, people will look at you as an expert and someone to go to. It's a much better feeling when prospects are asking to join your team instead of the other way around.


This is where most Network Marketers Blow it. They will apply this or any training, do it for 2 days straight then take off for 4 days consistancy imagethen come back and try to make up by posting all day. People will see that and most will Stop following you because you are Not Consistent. You must set daily goals that require you to be consistent and people will begin to follow you. Your results are directed by your Habits! Make sure that you are consistent so that you can attract people to you and want to work with you. Believe it or not, people especially on FaceBook are watching you and if you are Not Consistent they will take Notice and either unfriend you or never look at anything you post, even if it's Pure Value. Stay consistent so you can attract the Big Leaders!



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