facebook image 1It's amazing to see how many business owners ( network marketers ) build their business on Facebook. Some are very successful at it and a Big percentage Fail at Facebook Marketing. Ever wonder why? The reality is that you don't need to be a Facebook guru to market your business nor do you need a lot of capital to do it. What you need is training and I know there is a lot out there but in this blog post I'm going to show you Part 1 of many series how to use Facebook for marketing your MLM for FREE!

FaceBook is a community of Attraction Marketing NOT a place to sell your opportunity! Let me explain

There are 4 Key areas when you are marketing on Facebook

Profile Picture

I see so many people on FaceBook with crappy profile pictures. You must understand that FaceBook is not a place to throw your links all over the place about your opportunity. In fact that scares people away not Pull them closer to you. Believe me I got shut down twice because of this. Your picture is one of the first things people see when they come to your profile. You must have a picture of you smiling NOT a serious face or something that has nothing to do with you. We are in Network Marketing and your picture is a direct reflection of your personality and your character. If a prospect is checking you out they want to know who they maybe possibly working with and if your profile picture is NOT Positive, they might just RUN AWAY. Make sure your profile picture is of YOU smiling.

Profile Banner

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most network marketers make when they upload a banner onto their profile. More than 50% of the people that I view, have a banner picture of their Network Marketing company. If  someone that you requested to be your friend see's a picture of your Network Marketing company it tells them you are Not Branding You, you are Branding your company and You want to Sell me something. FaceBook is You.Inc NOT your Network Marketing Company Inc. You should protect your profile with ONLY YOU.


This is Huge when someone comes to your FaceBook profile. Your photos tell people what kind of person you are,you inc image what you like to do and how REAL you are. I see so many people drop the ball on this and it's costing them LEADS and MONEY. You must upload images that are Positive, images that show your lifestyle, what you like to do and what business you are involved in. You should start off with pictures of you smiling, maybe pictures of you and your family or just pictures of you. You should also upload pictures of you at your favorite place, could be at a beach, restaurant, park, etc etc. Lastly you should upload images of you and your business partners, this will give you credibility to others and if you are around the Top Leaders in the industry this strategy will PULL a lot of people to you.


I can't tell you how many people miss this because they think no one is looking at this. Your Bio is one of THE most important things you need to fill out for others to see who you are. Your Bio should welcome people to your Bio, it should state where you are originally from, where you are currently, what you do for a living, include Network Marketing if you are not full time, why you choose Network Marketing and how you can help the person that is visiting your Bio. Make sure you leave your contact information and if you leave a link don't point them to your opportunity but to a Blog or just leave your phone number.

Watch the video below:

[vsw id="TVEZ1w8ywdk" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

By now you should understand that Facebook is an Attraction Marketing platform NOT a place spam! Look out for Part 2 next week how I continue, how to use FaceBook for marketing your MLM ( network marketing company ).

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  • Great information George.  Thanks for sharing. Facebook Marketing is important to your business. Liked and Shared.

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