I Choose Fearlessness

The Daily Meditation 07.01.2013

I Choose Fearlessness

Nancy Bowers, RScP

nancybowers.jpg?width=122Some days, I am seduced by appearances and on those days it is especially important for me to remind myself that there is only One.  This One Source, which I call God, is Fearless.  Being All, It can never be mistake Itself for anything other than what It is and what It is Love.  It recognizes Itself everywhere, for It is in everything.  It permeates every situation, every appearance.  In all of it, God, the Divine, Spirit is there.  In all of it, Love is the constant.  It is Perfect.  It is Perfection and in every situation, in every appearance, Love resides.  God is Fearless, for It recognizes Itself everywhere.

And I know that the Love of God, the Fearlessness of God is the truth of who I am.  I feel the Love that beats my heart.  I feel the Love that guides my soul.  I align myself with That.  I allow in Its goodness.  I breathe in Its perfection.  I recognize that I can never lose my way, for God leads me.  I breathe in that knowingness. I relax into that comfort.  I am NOT seduced by appearances.

For in this moment, right here, right now.  I claim for myself the awareness that I am always loved.  And I claim that as well for everyone, for all those who read this, and for all those who don’t.  I claim for them, as I claim for myself fearlessness.  I am a divine being.  I am God’s anointed one.  I am a light for the world.  And in this knowingness, I find all the answers I’ve been seeking.  For God was always there.  God was there in my friend’s surgery.  God is there in her recovery.  God is with me when I lose my way and think that what I am looking at is anything but perfect.  When I am seduced by appearances, God is still there and I have only to remember and turn towards that to find the blessings that were and are ever present.  God was always in all of it.  The game is rigged.  I can never be lost.  I may frighten myself.  I may think that things are not working out, but if I think that, then I have allowed myself to be seduced by doubt.  I can choose again.  I  DO choose again.  I choose Love.  I choose knowing that God is in every situation and God is never in doubt.  God is never lost.  God is never in rejection for He recognizes Himself everywhere, and loves all His creations. 

So today, I affirm for myself and for everyone I know, for everyone I don’t know, I affirm truth.  I affirm the constant knowingness that I live in Love.  I live in Perfection.  Health is my birthright.  Wealth is my birthright.  Happiness is my birthright.  Peace is my birthright.  Whenever I encounter situations that frighten me and lead me to doubt, I remember who I am.  I remember how much I am loved.  I remember that the game is rigged.  I cannot lose my way.  If I think I am lost, I choose again.  I choose Love.  I discard fear.  I am fearless.

And I give thanks.  I give thanks for being in community, where I am surrounded by those who will remember who I am if I should forget.  I give thanks for teachings that remind me of my truth.  I give thanks for the realization of our Oneness that allows me to hold space for others to remember who they are that we might all celebrate in Love, experiencing the Peace of God in every corner of our lives.  I give thanks for I am eternally grateful.

And I release.  It is done.  It was done the moment the moment my desire was born and so I let it go in faith.  God all had it covered.  The game is rigged.  I live in perfect love.  I live in God’s constant embrace.  And So It Is!  Amen!

 Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  • For God so Loved the world.

  • Terri and Merle,

    Your Welcome! Thank You for making it a sharing day. I will do the same.

  • Excellent Richard, thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    Wow this is awesome Richard and thank you for sharing this in the community. I must share this every where. Have a great day.

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