“When you learn to accept instead of to expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments.”  Robert Fisher

It takes courage to ask a question considering the answer could be risky, especially if it’s NOT what we want to hear. Typically questions only have two answers- YES or NO-and both evoke very different responses.  Most of us welcome a YES because it means we are going to get that thing we desired, which usually makes us happy.  But, when we receive a NO, our response is very different.   NO means we are NOT getting that thing we desired. Although we’ve been told NO many times, just hearing the word can cause us to get angry and upset.  Some people take NO as a form of rejection and fear asking for what they want.  So, because of that fear, they’ll never ask anyone for anything.  NOT ME!!!   I HAVE TO ASK. Knowing that there are only two responses, I can accept a NO without having an emotional meltdown or taking it personally.   How do you respond when you receive a NO?  Do you feel rejected? Do you take it personally?  I DON’T!!!!  I need and want an answer, so I HAVE TO ASK!   For this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about why I HAVE TO ASK!!!


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