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Icon Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 Years Young:

Icon Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 Years Young:

Mickey Rooney


Icon Mickey Rooney dead at 93 years young with quite the portfolio in credits to the world of entertainment. His acting ability loomed much bigger than his little over five foot all stature.

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Mickey Rooney rack up 300 films over the many years he provided us with the best in entertainment. He started in silent movies, progressing with time to the talkies, (which is more than what many of the silent stars accomplished after sound came out.

Rooney rose to the top for around two decades spanning the 30s and 40s. He had a boyish charm that captivated audiences then proceeded to sing and danced his way into the hearts of many.

  • Mickey Rooney was born: September 23, 1920.
  • His birth name was: Joseph Yule Jr.

His mother and father were actors in the hay-day of vaudeville and Mickey made his debut as a toddler. He gained much notoriety as a child actor in, "Andy Hardy", "Boys Town" he was the top box office seller in 1939 Mickey Rooney was married 8 times and has 9 children. He was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award in 1982 however this did nothing to change his feelings of being slighted by Hollywood because he was never able to capitalize on his earlier works. He will be missed by many generations. Mickey Rooney dead at age 93  

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    Hi Angela, yes he will be missed. I am sure there are generations that know nothing of him and I admit he was popular a bit before my time but I loved those re-runs :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Great post on Mickey Rooney Susan.  He will truly be missed.  I use to love to watch his movies.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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