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In the Spotlight on Syndication Express - George Pierce

This is a review of George Pierce Youtube channel "Internet Marketer Training." 

I have known George since 2012 and I am excited to be doing this review and I recommend that you check out his Youtube channel and subscribe. 

What you'll find when you go to his channel is tons of information on internet marketing, tools and services. He will give you tips and advice in his videos on what he is sharing with you. 

Just follow this link now to check out his channel and all his videos. I guarantee that you'll find a wealth of information on George channel. 

My recommended videos:

Writing emails that sells

Getting your emails delivered

Email subject lines - 5 new tips

Syndication Express - My Pick Of The Week

I recommend that you view the videos above. There is so much value in each one of them. Trust me there are more videos on his channel with lots of info and value being shared for internet marketers.

The one thing I want to express to you is that he is sincere, genuine and he wants to help everyone succeed. This is my motivation as well. I'm paying it forward and so is George. 

He's experienced and everything he shares with you will benefit you greatly. When you watch his videos, you'll know this too. 

Now I invite you to check out George Pierce channel now. It would be great if you subscribe to his channel so you can get notified when he puts new videos out and you'll always be informed about new tools, services and products that he's personally tested and he'll give you guidance to get you started with detailed information about the tools, services or products that will help you to succeed and make money online. 

See the picture below: Introducing George Pierce - Internet Marketer Training


Here's to your continued success George Pierce.

This concludes my review. Keep the IBO spirit alive and real.

Care and share is #ibospiritontwitter 

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

Twitter Strategist

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    Your servant's heart is showing and it is beautiful, and your online qualifications are real and many, so this makes this kind of review is so much more special.  Thank you, so much, I appreciate you, Terri.

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