Infinity Residuals opportunity program

I am looking to pay it forward to new people joining this program if they are willing to either:
1) pay it forward to other people to join the program - it only costs $0.10 per PIF,
2) promote the program, and bring in new, pro members without paying forward. 

Either way is fairly easy to do with the joining price being just $1 payment processor fees. 

If you are interested in doing this with my team, just reply to beneficent2000 at and let me know what you plan to do and I will log in to my back office and pay it forward promptly. 

Best regards, 
Nigel Barksfield 

Go to InfinityResiduals

P.S. The free gift is fantastic doodle video software.

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  • Seems like an interesting progam. Thanks for posting the information. 

  • Top Member

    Thank you Nigel for sharing what you're doing. Wish you all the best. Happy to have you in the SE blogging community. 

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