Is This Some Type Of Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme


Is This A Pyramid Scheme


I got an email from a great new upstart in my
personal organization. A smart guy I
gotta tell you . . .


He’s got that “I’m gonna make this happen no
matter what!” persona. And once you got that
you don’t need much more to be highly
successful in this industry.


Here is why I think he’s smart:
He’s just getting going on his traffic
generation campaign following what he’s
learned in Internet M’LM Success and he’s
starting to get his first few high quality
leads asking for more information.
One of his leads emailed him back with that
old time favorite objections: “Is this some
sort of pyramid scheme?”


Instead of trying to do the job of overcoming
the Pyramid Scheme objection himself he emailed me and asked
for a little help.


You gotta lean on those who’ve been there and
done that, which is why I think he’s smart,
but he’s doubly smart because he didn’t come
to me and just ask me to do everything for
him, instead he validated that he was off
making things happen and was just chiming in
for a little support.



I’ll tell you, any email I get like that from
a team member I’ll answer in a heartbeat. And
you should do the same.




It’s the first sign of leadership arising
from the ranks and you want to do everything
you can to help foster that growth.


So let’s handle that objection now of is this a Pyramid Scheme . . .


Here’s what I wrote back for his prospect:

No it’s not, it’s an opportunity to change
your life the same way that my life has


(Then I went into giving a little bit of my
story to help give a perspective.)


Finally I gave status to the smart new
upstart who emailed me, and said . . .


“Sam” has given you the opportunity to change
your life the same way that our lives have
been changed. He knows his stuff and if you
are the right person he’ll surely show you
the way.


Let “Sam” know a little bit about you and why
you think you might be a good fit for our
team of highly exclusive and motivated
entrepreneurs and I know he’ll make the right
choice as to whether you are or not.


So why did I do this?


It’s simple.

You don’t want to give your prospect the
ability to choose you. You only want to give
them the opportunity to present themselves in
the best light.


It’s not a game of “if you have a credit card
you’re in.” Rather it’s a game of “Why should
I choose you?”


When you do that instead of you giving them
all the power, now they have to come to you.


It’s funny, when you do this and take on this
role of a leader looking for other leaders
instead of a newbie just taking anything he
or she can get your leads start really really
wanting to qualify to be one of your chosen


See the difference?
And it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it online
or off, the reaction on the prospect’s side
will always be the same.


Instant attraction and a desire to qualify to
be a part of your team.


This is powerful.


On a side note though, I gotta be honest, and
did tell “Sam” this: Any prospect who asks
“Is this some sort of pyramid scheme” is most
likely not the type of prospect you want to
let into your team.


If they do join expect to do a lot of hand
holding, and in fact you may want to even
disqualify them at that point because you
already know what’s ahead.


It’s NOT about communicating with your leads
and leaving things open for them to choose.
It’s about you making them qualify so that
you can make the best decision on whether or
not you want to choose them.


Timothy Eller



So That’s The Answer To Is This Some Type Of Pyramid Scheme?


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your business to do powerful follow up.

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  • Very interesting post Timothy and made so much sense.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Sandy!

  • People who ask this are generally closed minded about Network Marketing. Educating them is one thing but as you said, Timothy they are going to need a lot of hand holding and probably are not right for our type of profession.  Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thanks Albert!

  • Timothy, I enjoyed reading your post.  I tweeted and it was shared on LinkedIn IBOToolBox2.

  • Thanks Terri! 

  • Top Member

    When a prospect ask is this is a pyramid scheme? This means they need to be educated so they will know for themselves. It is not up to you to convince them otherwise. Give them information so they will know on their own. This way it will open up the lines of communication and you can begin the process of getting to know more about them and if they will be a fit for your business. First, YOU must find out if a person wants to be in business. YOU must educate them when they ask this question, that's the bottom line. Your post was informative and I have shared on Linkedin and tweeted for you.

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