Kannaway Products Review: Great Medicine Or Bad Mojo. The truth to this is that Kannaway is a hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutritional wellness and their products contain CBD-Rich hemp oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent/cannabinoid of the hemp plant. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp & cannabis.

Hemp is fashionable these days and in this Kannaway Products review, you will read about how hemp differs from marijuana and the political boost that it is currently getting. Selling products based upon such a controversial ingredient is definitely a risk and one that MLM marketers have to assess before they jump on board.

Hemp Based Kannaway Products


Kannaway Products don’t have THC. That’s the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the hallucinatory effects. Because of this, the makers at Kannaway say their products can be shipped and sold in all 50 states.

Cannabidiol extract (CBD oil), is an extraction of stalks and stems from a Hemp strain of Cannabis sativa grown in the U.K., but legally imported through FDA tariff codes. Hemp (as opposed to marijuana) is usually ideal for cannabidiol (CBD oil) extractions as it is naturally high in CBD and low in THC, making it superior to most high-THC marijuana strains as far as cannabidiol (CBD) content is concerned.

All of Kannaway Product’s are health-based and all of them include some form of hemp. Utilizing fibers, seeds, and oils from sativa plants developed for their low levels of THC and their high levels of CBD, the company claims that their products are safe to use as well as being legal to sell and buy. Their products are based upon years of research by the medical marijuana industry.


Is there money to be made with Kannaway?

The general consensus and increased acceptance of medical marijuana and associated products indicates that there are oodles of money to be made. Getting in early can be the recipe for success for an entrepreneur willing approach sales with a well-developed business plan. This is the first MLM of its type and the prospects are staggering. However, sales don’t come without some political controversy.  Yet, when one uses the products they are able to see and feel the healing effects which they deliver.

There are several products to choose from and more coming.   It’s a no brainer.  There is money to be made, and you will also have access to a Retail Store.

Risks Of Selling Kannaway Products

No Kannaway Products review would be complete without examining the risks involved. Surveys tell the story of a deeply divided population when it comes to the use of the sativa plant. Some support its use whole-heartedly while others are deeply opposed. In the end, each entrepreneur should address their own feelings before signing up.

The fact is, that 10,000 people joined the first 96 hours!

Make sure that you understand how these products work before you start. Anyone selling this product line is sure to be challenged, as you would be in any business opportunity that you join, therefore you must be able to counter arguments against it with fully supportable facts and figures. Your promotional material must directly address the negatives as well as the positives of hemp in order to eliminate controversy and increase sales. Solved – Click Here!

The Business Potential

Kannaway Products has a strong management team that is bravely going where no company has gone before. Their initial product line includes a cream and a pen dispenser, similar to e-cigarettes (with different flavors).  The commission rates on sales look great and the home company provides a great deal of support to its agents.

Since the company is still so new, they are guaranteed to make some mistakes. Be prepared to adjust your plan continually during this initial growth phase, as with any new company.

In the final analysis, this Kannaway Products Review has to be positive. Despite the risks, it seems like an idea whose time has come with outstanding potential for excellent earnings.




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Angela Valadez


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