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Let’s Be Friends-Remember When?


Do you remember being a child and able to just walk up to another child you liked and say, “Let’s be friends.” Talk about a naturally beautiful time in life. The attitude of a young child is so perfect. They don’t put on airs; if one child walks up to ask another child this question, and they don’t like you, they just say, “No, I don’t like you.” Bada-bing-bada-boom situation solved!


You walk up and ask a Grown-up this question; first, (Read More)

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    I hear what you saying in this blog post and I agree with your thoughts too. Many people today lack integrity and humility.
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    Peoples' attitudes are, as you know Susan, a reflection of their own fears, phobias and insecurities. Those who distrust others (the majority nowadays), mistrust themselves, so appraise others accordingly. They'll only find integrity in others when they behave with integrity themselves. I hope a lot of people read, maybe even act on, your words. Enjoy a wonderful week.
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