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Your friends & family love you. And they want to save you from this bad thing called MLM ... and they know nothing about it. Here's my belief: Go build your business.

* Talk to like-minded people.
* Target your market.
* Build your business.
* Get

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To grow your network marketing business you need to do:

1. Targeted lead generation

2. Automated prospect follow-up

3. One-on-one relationship building

4. Sponsoring and

5. Training

If you have a single system to perform all these functions, so much

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I am constantly amazed at how few people on my team attend the training calls I host. Only a small fraction of my team dials in, and even fewer participate in the topic discussion.

Anyone who strives to succeed in network marketing must be trained.

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Any MLM company that promises spillover is lying to you!

Ask your sponsor if they will put people under YOU. They can't guarantee it.

Spillover is creating a Welfare Mentality

Good people don't want welfare. They want to build it themselves. They jus

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