“Sometimes things are not lost, they are just waiting around to be found.” Unknown

Cellphones are our modern-day lifelines and we use them for virtually everything. The versatility of cellphones is unprecedented. They do everything for us. We no longer have to memorize telephone numbers, we just store them. We use them to talk and text, to play our games, to post to our social media pages, to do our banking and pay bills, and to capture special moments with just one click of the camera. We use our cellphones for any and everything but mostly to stay connected to others and the world. We are so dependent on our cellphones that if we accidentally leave them at home, we quickly turn the car around to retrieve them. But when we lose them or they are stolen, it’s a horrible experience. We feel LOST WITHOUT IT


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  • Cell phones have definitely changed the game as far as helping to organize our lives. 

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    Great Post Valerie.  Cellphones have almost become a part of our bodies, for teens and young adults, "Forgetaboutit".  Your closing statement sums it up perfectly.  Without THE MOST HIGH, (for those who believe), then you have nothing.  

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    I was wondering about your title and now I know. I liked the ending of your post when you said "The truth is that the only way that I could ever experience that LOST WITHOUT IT feeling is if I chose to live a life without GOD in it and that is certainly NOT an option." 

    That's a powerful statement Valerie. I look forward to your post next week. 

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