Make 5 Types of Income!!


How to Make 5 Types of  Income

with Gift Baskets and Flowers!


Get to 14k- 30k working part time with gift baskets and flowers




Hi Everyone!


Our company  now has 5 ways to earn income with gift baskets and flowers! 


The best part is that we can even make 14k-30k in repeat income working part-time.


Of course, I don't know your work ethics but these numbers are doable and you don't have to jump through hoops to make it happen.   


Overnight consultants will be creating great repeat income:

Since the day that these new 5 types of  income were launched, we already have many consultants that are making a nice repeat income!  This is a life changer for many people.


Here is what has never been done before:

I don't believe that the direct selling has "repeat income".   Now people don't  have to continue selling products all the time.  They can get paid for the work they have done months and years ago!Love it! 


Yes, Bonuses Are Nice and We Have Them... But We Have Something Better!

My favorite is the LBB Savers Program because people save 20% off their entire store 24/7.  That means every time customers send gifts from your store (and save 20%),  you get paid! It's a no brainer.  Everyone loves to save money.


We are going to show you how one LBB membership can make you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  (No kidding) Watch the video to get the details.


Watch the short video for all the details and then call or email me with questions.

The exciting part is that -- 5 years from now -- you will be able to say, "I was there at the beginning...and I've got the cash to show for it." 


Request More Info Today!


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  • Looks like a great opportunity Wendy and love the landing page.  All the best.

  • This sounds like a lovely business, Wendy.  Much continued success with it!

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    All the best with your business Wendy and your presented it very well. Shared and liked your post for more to see.

  • This is great information Wendy.  Thanks for sharing this post.  I will share it for you.

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