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Marketers Gut Feeling Listen To IT!

Marketers Gut Feeling

A Marketers gut feeling can save their life in business. Many a business deals have been broken or made on a gut feeling alone.

First let me tell you from first hand experience how important a gut feeling might be in your life...

I spent every summer at my grandparents house. They had a farm at the foot of a mountain in extremely rural Arkansas. We are talking the "sticks" here...

Nothing but dirt roads and freedom for me riding my motorcycle. Little roads that went from here to there and yet nowhere.

One Saturday while riding on one of these little roads====>Read More!

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    I believe that too 100%. There had to be some reason we were given the ability to have the hair on the backs of our necks stick up :)

  • Thanks Susan,I believe our gut is our warning system of things to come.

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    You trusted your gut feeling about the situation and got away quickly. Thank God for your gut feeling and you listening to it.

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    Thank you so much Terri,

    Yes it was and I was so shocked when I found out they did what they did but just goes to show you trust that gut :) I know I'm glad I did.

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    Super great post Susan. Lady you are doing it. I enjoyed reading it very much. Your gut feeling was speaking to you loudly it seems. Glad you listened to it. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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