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Written by: Susan Boston

Number one on marketing tips is the blood line of your business so we will start there. The blood line to your business success is traffic to your website. This is what builds it or devastates it.

To many people think they can throw up a website and people will come. The old adage of build it and they will come does NOT apply to websites.

Your customers must be lead to the hole of water they are so thirsty for because they will not find yours over all the water holes out there. Your first stop on the marketing tips road trip should be to find out how to get traffic.

This book should help you do just that...

Traffic is something that website owners always worry about. Of course these numbers are as important to online businesses. But what exactly is site traffic and what is with all the fuss?
Simply put, site traffic is the number of people visiting your site and the pages that they click on. Whenever one visits, their presence is
recorded and any links they click on are monitored at the same time.
Over time, these numbers add up which gives the owner an idea on just how many people drop by. In a sense, site traffic is a measure of
the success of websites.

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